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Thread: Losing Weight

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    Lightbulb Losing Weight

    I have seen and am sure there are other posts on here about the same topic, and I am following their suggestions, but I wanted to know what everyone else had to say about it. I am tired of being in a 34 inch waist, and my goal is to drop 40 lbs and as incentive I won't order a new set from Bambinos, nor open the new packs of Goodnites I bought on my drive back home this weekend (awesome time, got two brand new packs!).

    Right now I am going shopping for small portioned, healthy foods to begin my 5 small meals a day... and when I get back I am putting snack foods in a box and giving them to someone I know or donating them somewhere... I am tired of this.. I am 190 lbs and 5'10" and I am defiantly overweight and tired of being so. School hasn't been a friend to me since I gained 30 lbs these past 3 years... but it is time to change that...

    Got my sleeping schedule on track and it is time to buckle down. So I am wondering... What are some tips to dieting? Meals that are easy to prepare, snacks good to eat, exercises that don't require me to go to the damned gym (sorry... I don't like it. lol). What are some things to avoid? Maybe I should go in a state that gamblers go into, by not carrying a debit card or cash so I can avoid buying fast food. And finally, anyone want to join me, and what is your target weight / 'target diaper' if you could achieve it?


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    OK, I don't know very much about diet because as a teenage boy I can eat whatever I want and still fit into pampers cruisers, if you eat white bread switch to wheat though. I do know about excercise though and a losing weight without a gym membership is no problem.

    Cycling, running, jump roping, swimming, walking, lawn work, or walking your dog are all good cardio activities. I suggest finding a friend to run with every morning that will help a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    try the caveman diet.....
    it has worked very well for both Karen and i over the last year.
    Paleolithic diet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Is That for losing weight? Thats pretty hardcore.

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    I got a 32 inch waist but have been slowly gaining weight and of course that would/will translate into a bigger waist line.

    I am not going on a diet because those are things you start and stop. The problem is the stopping part and returning to the old ways. So I am only eating less and working out more. Biking, Swimming, Walking. However just cleaning your house is good exercise. You can also do pushups and sit-ups while watching TV. Just eat less and burn off as much calories as you can, however you can.

    Also if you exercise is easy, your doing it WRONG!

    The Escalator of Intensity

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    I eat all though out the day and dont gain a pound it's a gift and a curse. (about 60/40) best of luck to you I hope you reach your goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Literally laughed out loud at this... thanks!

    Well I began it tonight... I am going with the logic of that beast nutrition professor that went on the Twinkie diet, but with normal foods. Dinner tonight?... 200 calories of delicious yogurt and grape-nut cereal! WOO! Also going to bed in 20 min because I need to wake up at 6 tomorrow. Thanks for the tips!


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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    I eat all though out the day and dont gain a pound it's a gift and a curse. (about 60/40) best of luck to you I hope you reach your goal.
    I was the same way really. Not anymore it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    I eat all though out the day and dont gain a pound it's a gift and a curse. (about 60/40) best of luck to you I hope you reach your goal.
    I am the exact same way my metabolism is still really fast. I have a 30 inch waist and want to gain a little weight to have a better fit into diapers.

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    My advise is don't diet, but rather learn better eating habits. I joined weight watchers and lost 60 lbs in one year, and have kept it off. You will be much more succesful if you do a workout program with it. One way I encuraged myself to keep working out was to only wear my diapers while weight lifting, I love wearing only diapers so this was an added treat. Best of luck.

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