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    I began wearing cloth diapers a while ago (non medical). Recently I ordered a pair of the Gerber White PEVA pants. So far they have been leak free but they seem extremely noisy. When I walk, I can clearly hear them. Is it simply my imagination or are others around me hearing these and tipping people off that I am wearing diapers?

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    I haven't tried those pants so I can't really say, however if the noise worries you then there are plenty of quiet options out there. The 4mm Gary vinyl pants, when worn under clothing, are virtually silent (I use these). There are also a number of options in PUL, which I expect are similarly quiet. Check out

    Based on my read of various sites that sell adult cloth diapers, it seems that those catering to AB/DL's tend to assume you want noisy pants and so that's a lot of what they sell. The pants you get from incontinence supply stores, like AdultClothDiaper, Changing Times, Rearz, etc., seem to have discreetness in mind.

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    I have a pair of the PEVA pants too, and yes, they are noisy! I bought mine from and their site advertizes that they are noisy. I wear mine only in private because of the noise. There are other brands and other styles that are much more quiet and just as good in quality. I have used from several different companies and been pleased with the choices I have made (I like the other styles from also). Good luck!

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