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Thread: London Adult Baby Club - Wimping out again?

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    Default London Adult Baby Club - Wimping out again?

    When I moved to England, I thought it would be great that the London ABC would be within easy reach, but two years later I still haven't mustered the nerve to try it out. It doesn't help that it's on a Saturday and that my partner isn't interested in coming with me (he's not an AB - though he's happy for me to go.)

    I've never been into club culture and I'm hopeless at mixing at parties and to me this is such an unknown, especially since I normally keep my AB side very much to myself. I'm sort of worried about the sleeze factor or that sitting around with a bunch of grown men in nappies could be a major turn-off.

    Has anyone here been to this club or have you been to similar types of gatherings elsewhere?

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    I go couple of times but not had much money personally or no one to go with or transport to get there.

    But personally I think its great just to walk around and wear nappies and make new friends and drink

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    That seems very different from the ABDL meet in my city (Toronto). Here we all go to a restaurant, and it is very public so we must all be discreet. Therefore, it is very comfortable for newcomers and those bashful types who don't want to be seen in their diaper just yet. However, after the meet up the group usually splinters up and some go to more private parties or just to play pool, but you have to ask if you're interested. Either way, it is really easy going and very normal (except for the conversation, lol).

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    I've been to the ABC club last year in December. However, I didn't go alone but went with 8 other people I know. I'm not sure I would have gone on my own, as there seem to be many groups of people who know each other and mostly stick to their own.
    Other than that, it's mostly a normal bar/club type of place where people can wear diapers and/or baby clothes. They have a changing room and some mattresses to lie on and cuddle, and in December they had a Santa to give away presents to the little (or big) kids.
    So, it's a nice place to meet fellow AB/DL, but the entertainment is a bit...lacking, and in retrospect, I'm glad I went with people I knew or I would have felt a bit like an outsider.


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    Cheers, Peachy, it at least sounds like it could be quite enjoyable in the right company, but you can bet I'll be the wallflower/barfly in the corner if I go on my own.

    Incomplete dude: A meet in a restaurant sounds like a much more civilized way of doing things. I reckon it one of the best ways to actually get to know people. I wonder if such things happening the UK?

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