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Thread: I have returned!

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    Default I have returned!

    Hello Everyone.

    Its been a long time since ive been around these parts but alot of you will probably know me from the IRC chat. There was a time when i used to be pretty active on the forums but with recent changes in my life i did take an absence from most forums that i visited, sadly this was one of them.

    During my absence alot has changed for the better. For those that dont know i am happy to provide a run down. It first started when i was introduced into the Fur Fandom. That was an awesome experience for me and was the start of the life changing time. When i officially became a member of the fur fandom i started my reclusive behavior on forums and even had a break from all AB/DL thoughts that i had. As time progressed on i started to get deeper into the furry community and realized that i can finally be who i want to be in myself. At that time i also came to a revolution about my sexuality in realizing i was gay.

    After coming to the conclusion of my newly discovered homosexuality i left my job in my home town of 22 years and then moved on to Sydney. Part of me wanted to get out of my home town for a long while but this was the perfect reason to get out. I really didnt want to be the gay boy in the small racist and homophobic town. During my time of leaving i was able to find a job in the city with an awesome furniture chain company (in the IT dept).

    So yeah, I moved to sydney after getting the job and started to really get involved in the furry community even more. The job that i have now is awesome. There is no persecution about my sexuality which was something that i was initally worried about. Turns out that 3 of the 5 guys on my team (including myself) are all gay. That was something really good and helped me through alot.

    I then started to get in touch with furs in the area to the point were i even started a regular coffee night for furs in sydney. That has grown from 4 to 16 people. I have been making heaps of friends here in sydney and also other places. And now i can top it all off in saying that i have an awesome boyfriend. During that time i started to get involved into the babyfur community on IRC and made even more friends and its also where i really started to get to know my current partner.

    So now, i make my return to the forums. After an awesome time with Lukie over the past few days he has said alot of good things about the forums. As a result i am happy to make a return.

    Thank you all!


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    Paul! *huggles and licks muchly*

    Good to see you've returned to the forums. Really missed seeing your face around here. And I'm incredibly pleased to hear that you've finally settled in and are happy about how things are going for you. What more could you really ask for?

    Note to everyone else: Brace yourselves.

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    Hey Paul! I have spoken to you on IRC, and I suppose it's a good thing that you are back on ADISC. So, welcome back, and I hope that you (like I am trying to be) will be an active member of both the forum and IRC

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    *runs towards Paul but trips and falls onto him* *turns his stumble into a tacklehug to hide his awkward feet work (that's what you get when a joey tries to run :P)*

    Welcome back! Hope you'll be able to get back into things... can't describe how happy I am with this. Glad to hear everything went well. *hugs once more*

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    Welcome back, Paul! That's a pretty amazing chain of events, and all due to your willingness to do something different. I hope things will continue to run in a good direction for you and I'm glad to hear you'll be around more in the future

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    i dont know u but u seem to be well know welcome from a not so known, very much new member! ^.^ welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Brace yourselves.
    for what? o_O

    welcome back, foxie. i'll be seeing you in IRC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    for what? o_O
    Oh nevermind!

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