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Thread: ABDL Playlist: Please add a pop song.

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    Default ABDL Playlist: Please add a pop song.

    I'm thinking of what kinds of general popular songs might go on an ABDL's MP3 player, that they would identify with as an ABDL. Yes, it can include songs for furries too. I'll start the list with a favorite or two borrowed from the LGBT community:

    "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge.
    "De Colores" (Spanish-language folk song).

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    How about "I don't wanna grow up" by Simple plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnBabygurl View Post
    How about "I don't wanna grow up" by Simple plan
    Isn't that by the Ramones?

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    How about "Forever Young". I have Judy Collins singing it.

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    I like the Jay Z version IMO thats a perfect one though

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    not really a "general, popular" song, but a good one anyways:
    When I'm Five by David Bowie

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    As an '80s new wave/alternative buff, a couple that come to mind are "Advice for the Young at Heart" by Tears for Fears and "True Faith" by New Order, with its bizarre music video that was actually kind of a hit amongst kids.

    Depeche Mode's "A Question of Lust" includes the following lines: "Fragile, like a baby in your arms, be gentle with me" and "Just like a child, you make me smile when you care for me."

    Again, my head is stuck in '80s land, so that's just what comes to mind right now. That's if you're looking for songs that may be considered borderline references to ABDLism (though they likely aren't).

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