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Thread: A Lifetime Supply of...Anything

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    Default A Lifetime Supply of...Anything

    If you could pick out one particular item to have a lifetime supply of, what would it be? Could be *B/DL related or not. Something you really enjoy, though not necessarily having to have or use it everyday to the point of being sick of it. Make it as specific as possible, for example: "serloin steak"(sorry Moo and Pojo), instead of general - "food". Also could be something prepared like a favorite sub sandwich. Whatever you'd desire to have free of charge the rest of your life, whenever and however often you wanted it.

    Myself, I love seafood dishes. So I'd love to have a lifetime supply of crab meat to make all the crabcakes, stuffed shrimp, and crab imperial I desired to eat. Shrimp is cheaper than crab meat or I would have picked that instead. Haven't had a crabcake all Summer and craving one badly right about now, which helped give birth to this thread idea.


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    This is tough... because I know after a while I'll get bored with it. I'm also going to assume here that we can't sell off the stuff we get for profit, nor can we ask for money. Otherwise I think everyone would be asking for money or something expensive.

    With that said, I'd probably ask for a lifetime supply of Tim Tams

    Those biscuits are a godsend.

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    Can I cheat and say money? =p

    But really I'd probably choose stuff for lasagna, I love that stuff. Always tastes good and is welcome in my books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Right answers.
    Yeah Point! That's a good one. One of the most valuable things you could have a lifetime supply of.

    Oh, and you wouldn't have to have any of your lifetime items to the point of being tired or bored of them. Just when you wanted them they'd be there free for the taking. With my crabmeat, I'd like it about two or three times in a month, no more than once a week max., to keep enjoying it without it getting old.


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    Waffles...they can persuade anyone to do anything if you have enough of them

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    I'm a car nut, and it would be nice to know that I could have an endless supply of fuel for all of my vehicles. That's the one thing I'm worried about in the future, because cars are so much of my life, I would go nuts if I didn't have the ability to drive or work on them.

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