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Thread: Remembering the 80's

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    Default Remembering the 80's

    I like the "Remembering the 90's" thread so much, I was hoping to expand to another decade - my personal favorite - the 80's! For those of us who remember it, tell us your memories - those you loved, or maybe even hated. I'll start off with a couple things I loved, though the list is exhaustive.

    1980, the decade started off with the movie Empire Strikes Back! Absolutely awesome movie!

    Alternative rock - Depeche Mode, R.E.M.

    1981 - the Space Shuttle - rocks! 1986 - the Challenger explosion - tragedy!

    Reagan - loved AND hated him.

    80's thick, puffy, crinkly diapers - God please bring them back!

    And of course, the Personal Computer explosion and Video games!

    So, let the nostalgia begin and tell us what you loved/hated about the 80's.

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    I was 13 when the 80s began so naturally that was my era as a teenager.

    Music - everything from new romantic to hair metal. NME magazine. Huge "ghetto-blasters" and breakdancing. Live Aid.

    Fashion - Bright coloured Reeboks high-tops. Legwarmers. Boys in eyeliner. Big shoulder pads (yuk). "Choose Life" t-shirts.

    Movies - Labyrinth. Indiana Jones. E.T., Terminator, Back to the Future. Princess Bride. Wargames.

    TV - Miami Vice, Baywatch (hated that one but so clasically 80s). The Young Ones. Beauty and the Beast. Bread. Spittig Image. Blockbusters. Snooker, lots and lots of snooker.

    Other stuff - Sony Walkmans and mix-tapes. Rubiks Cube. Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Margaret Thatcher and the coal-miners strikes. Princess Diana. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of communism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    Rubiks Cube.

    Made in 1970's, sold as a toy in 1980 though.

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    Polyester pastel colored clothing (Thanks Miami Vice)
    The decade of excess
    New Coke
    MTV (Back when it used to show Music Videos)

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    I was born in 88...
    But I do love me some bad 80s teen movies~
    And some 80s pop music~

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    I was never alive in the 80s, but I can appreciate them. My dad had a CD closet with many one hit wonders from then in there. My mom also makes us listen to XM 80s on 8 in the car. I like the music most of the time. One hit wonders, like Ratt, ABC, Glass Tiger, Simple Minds, and that stuff. And the Cars, but they're not a 1 hit wonder. And I have the entire REM collection on my iPod.

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    Oh! How could I forget? The CD! Yes, Compact Discs came out in the 80's. I remember the first time I heard one, the sound was so crisp and sharp it was like you could cut yourself on it. I know there are audiophile purists who say the rich sounds from a good vinyl record can't be matched. That being said, to my young ears CDs were AMAZING!

    By the way, I also remember the VHS vs. Beta war - very much like the more recent BlueRay vs. HDDVD war.

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    Nice looking Car with Chrome bumpers had cool styles to them. Not every car look like another car like we see now.

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    Being a child of the 80s, I have lots of fond memories.

    TV shows - Perfect Strangers, Family Ties, and Growing Pains just to name a few.

    Cartoons - Transformers, including the 86 movie! He-Man, Thundercats, Mysterious Cities of Gold, and lots of others

    Movies - Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Teen Wolf, Weekend at Bernie's, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and my favorite Amadeus!

    Ronaldus Magnus (Ronald Reagan) was a childhood hero of mine and made me into a political junkie.

    Music - Huey Lewis, Bruce Hornsby, a-ha, B-52s, The Bangles, Belinda Carlisle, Billy Joel, The Cars, Hall & Oats, and so many more!

    Commodore 64, NES, and other new technologies at the time.

    Too many things to list!!

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