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Thread: Sleepsuits at George / Asda

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    Default Sleepsuits at George / Asda

    I was in george the other day. They are selling mens all in one footless sleepsuits for 15. I plan on getting one next week.

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    Cool You should take a picture and post it when you get one!

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    Would you say they are similar or better to the ones from primark? Cause I have two of those

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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamSoftpaw View Post
    Would you say they are similar or better to the ones from primark? Cause I have two of those
    Not sure. I don't have a primark one. Sorry.

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    Thanks for the heads up Sophie Would also be interested to see this for comparison!.

    I have one of the Primark ones, but can never have too much AB stuff

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    I'll have a peek Monday, see if there's any in the ASDA near me lets you guys know if I find out ^^

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    The ones in Primark were fleece, and I think most had feet. I've just found this on the Asda website. It's cotton and there are no feet.

    Striped All in One | Men | George at ASDA

    I think I'll have to get one!

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    I was at ASDA today but didn't see any sleepsuits maybe it's a select store thing.

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