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Thread: Howdy, fellow youngsters!

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    Red face Howdy, fellow youngsters!

    Well, here goes. I am a newbie to this site, but not to the ADBL community. I have been, in my life of 51 years, a preteen baby, a teenbaby, and an adult baby/diaper lover in my 20's, 30's, 40' and now 51. I have always looked younger than my age, and frankly acted younger. I have a great sense of dry, usually sarcastic, humor, and love life to the fullest.

    I am also a Chronic Pain Patient, having been in two auto accidents at age 23, and broken my lumbar spine in two places, causing lots of pain and lots of problems over the years. It is getting worse as time goes by. Starting to have some of the usual problems with a spinal fracure, so my DL self has another reason to wear them...I need to! One needs to find the humor in every situation, so being an ABDL adds a little fun to an otherwise not-so-fun problem!

    It may interest you to know that I am also an Ordained Minister (from 3 different denominations) and hold a Doctor of Divinity degree, and working on my PhD in Bible/Christian Education/Counseling. I see no problem whatsoever with being an ABDL and a Christian...even a minister!! Geez, look at how folks smoke, drink to excess and do drugs...our diapers and our desires (as AB's, DL's, TB' etc) are harming noone and providing us with comfort and help for the many stresses of life! I, for one, take less pain meds and less muscle relaxants because of my ABDL lifestyle! That may sound strange, but it is absolutely true!

    If I, as a Christian Chaplain, can help anyone in our community, any ABDL's, TB's or whatever, feel free to contact me. I would love to communicate with ya and help in any way I can!

    Much Love and Peace, (Psalm 118:24, Colossians 3:17)
    LittleDavid (Rev. Dave)
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    David, Wow, what a great introduction! Sounds like you have found a way and a reason to integrate diapers into your life without taking over your life. Even to the point of being an ordained minister and having no problem with it. I completely agree with comparing it to all of the self destructive ways people have of handling stress, to show that diapers are perfectly okay. It is almost as if we are following Jesus' suggestion "unless you become as one of these [a little child]", in a sort of literal sense.

    By the way, after having read authors such as John Spong and Marcus Borg, I am seeing there is more than one way to be a Christian. Am seriously reconsidering Christianity, myself.

    By the way, you mentioned wearing diapers as a preteen. Bedwetting, I presume? Doing the math, that would have been the 60's, so I am also presuming cloth and plastic pants? Just curious.

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    Howdy MyWorld08!
    To answer your question...bedwetting? Nope. Had a boatload of stress as a kid. Family stuff, unfortunately. Add to that a lot of medical problems, which led to what is called today "social anxiety disorder" and agoraphobia.....both of which I still have today. Diapers were a stress relief, I guess, and still are. Mom had a day care when I was growing up, and when I "discovered" diapers at about age 13 or so, there they were! Cloth, yes and plastic pants. I prefer the disposes now, and like the Bambino Bianco (all white) diapers. I need them mostly at nighttime, but now prefer them as underclothes when I can.

    Might I suggest another author or two for ya: Norman Grubb is stellar. Another christian author that will absolutely blow your mind apart is a Chinese man who was named Watchman Nee. Check out their websites! And, yeah, I see no problem with being an ABDL and a believer in God. I agree with you...there is more than one, single solitary path to God. I am not "religious": I am SPIRITUAL. I was originally ordained in the American Baptist Church, but now, well, I think mainstream organized religion is not too good of a thing. I do not need another *person* telling me what or how to believe! The Divine Spark indwells each of us, and as individuals, God can show us how to get to know Him, personally. I believe it varies for each person! One does not get awful diseases from diapers, does not get into legal trouble driving drunk or doing drugs. The important thing, I think, is to not allow being an ABDL to take over your life! Like you said, INTEGRATE it into life, as it is a PART of us!

    Life is much too short to be too serious! (I have had a near death experience once and almost died again because of a I think I speak from

    Hope ya have a great day!

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    Hi, LittleDavid, and welcome to ADISC! It's nice to have another chronologically older AB around these parts! Like you, I try not to take life too seriously.

    My mother (she passed away in 2008) used to say "I plan to live to be 100! I might die tomorrow, but I PLAN to live to be 100!" In other words, live each day to its fullest, because no matter what you plan, it might well be your last.

    She was really cool, my mum, even gave me "sleepers" for xmas one year! She also gave me a t-shirt which, I think, embodied the thought process of most ABs "I may be getting older, but I refused to grow up!" (strangely she told me the only reason she gave it to me was because it didn't fit her!) LOL

    Seriously tho'...I think if more people allowed their inner-child out to play from time to time the world would be a happier place. My former room mate and still good friend, a PhD in Electrical Engineering student, likes to play with my bear, Oberon. I think it relaxes him in some way.

    Anyway...welcome...and enjoy your stay! Do come into the chat room, sometime, too!

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    Thanks, Ayanna!
    I agree, live life to the fullest! In my younger (chrono type) days, I really used to care what people thought. Not now. I am me. Not them! What you said, too, brings to mind this: We indeed never know about life. When I was 22, I was happily on my way to church. Next thing I know, I am waking up from a head on crash, with a steering wheel embedded into my skull, broken spine, ribs, foot and had a near death experience that day! Never will forget that! After that, I had no fear of death, for I had a wonderful taste of what lies beyond this mortal shell! Life, indeed, can change when we least expect it.

    My folks are 82 yrs old, and quite ill, so I think I will be dealing with their passing before too much longer, as you did with your mum in '08. Dad has dementia/alzheimers and is going downhill fast. It is hard watching him now, for in his younger years, he was one of a few aviation mechanics at Boeing who worked on presidential aircraft. Now, he makes things out of sticks and paints rocks...dementia is a hideous disease!!!

    Thanks for writing!
    Much Love and Peace!

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