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    Default Your Own Theme Song

    Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers have their own theme songs, if you could have your own theme song, what would it be?

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    Without a doubt, Kitty Pryde singing about Justin Bieber (here). Enjoy this masterpiece!

    And on a slightly different note:

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    Hipster grind by kitsune squared aka lapfox trax great great song

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    I would say either of these gorillaz songs: - Clint Eastwood ("I'm happy, I'm feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag. I'm useless, but not for long. My future is coming on.") because it is talking about pushing through dark times to get to the light
    - dirty Harry ("I need a gun to keep myself from harm. The poor people are burning in the sun. They ain't got a chance, they ain't got a chance. I need a gun, cause all I do is dance." sung by a chorus of little kids). Because, if you were to listen to it, it has some valid points, but it is such a random mishmash that someone just barely listening wouldn't pick up on them. That is me in a nut shell. Plus, I like to dance to the pseudo-oriental 80's hip-hop beat lol.

    If it wasn't either of those, it would be The Jester by Enter Shikari for a similar reason to dirty Harry, or the stand by mother mother for similar reasons.

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    Sequoia Throne by Protest the Hero. I would be beyond excited if that just started playing out of thin air every time I walked into the room.

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