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Thread: Confusion about "Obamacare" and the individual mandate

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    Default Confusion about "Obamacare" and the individual mandate

    What exactly does the mandate mean? Does it mean that uninsured people won't go into debt, but they'll pay a fine instead? (If they can afford said fine, otherwise, it's like really cheap or nothing, from what I've heard. Though hopefully there will be some sort of cheap or free insurance for people who can't pay, maybe medicaid expansion like I have heard was considered) I doubt it means that uninsured people would be in debt AND pay a fine.... that wouldn't make sense. And I am aware all the reforms don't quite go into effect for a while yet. I don't wanna debate whether ACA is good or bad, but I just want some answers.

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    The way I understand it, the Obama plan expands access to Medicaid for low-income earners, with some sort of scaled premium based on their income.

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    Ok so I was right about the medicaid expansion, but I also heard that states could refuse to expand their medicaid programs. That would throw a wrench into things if many states refuse.

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    Well, the SC struck down the provision that allowed the USG to withhold Medicaid money from states that refused to accept the expansion, which is bizarre, considering how many mandates the Fed has passed down over the years that were attached to federal money - speed limits, No Child Left Behind, etc...

    If you're in a state with a Republican governor, you might wish to move...

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    Yep.... PA has a republican governor... I did not vote for him. *sigh*

    So if there's no medicaid, does that mean someone uninsured would get stuck with a fine AND debt? Or does it mean the person would get low/no fine & no debt? (due to inability to pay)

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    that does it. i'm moving to mars
    If only that were an actual option! Actually, Mars is still too close. It's still in our solar system. Maybe a planet around some other star should be considered.

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    The fine in question is scaled, and it starts at the first dollar you make beyond $10K (or thereabouts).

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    Makes sense. But no one actually knows what happens with the bill/debt itself?

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    The IRS sends a bill for the actual medical expenses themselves? Doesn't that just mean the uninsured person is still stuck with all that debt forever? Or is it eventually paid off by subsidies, or something like that, since the person can't afford to pay?

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