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Thread: First Diaper Memory

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    My first memory was after I was potty trained, I had an incident where I had bad diarrea and we still had a few diapers laying around. My mom put me in a diaper for the night. I remember waking up having to pee, but not knowing what to do because I didn't know to take the diaper off. I walked back and forth in the hallway towards my parents bed room and just wet myself from the pressure. Ever since then and bedwetting that continued a few times a month until I was a preteen, I've wanted to go back in them. Even now, I have a wetting accident at night maybe once every 8 or 9 months. Sometimes more frequently if drinking water or tea before bed and taking a nite time cold medicine. I guess this is my mini intro at least to why I like diapers.

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    That reminds me of one of my first diaper memories... christmas with the family, my cousin is about a year younger than me. I was just out of diapers I think (and glad to be) and my cousin still wore. I guess I was being really hyper and told to settle down or they were going to diaper me. Well, I didn't, and they did.

    I mostly ignored it until I had to pee. So I knew there were going to be issues so I sneaked into the bathroom. Unzip my fly and see... white plastic.... hmmmm.... abort, abort!

    I think at some point shortly after I asked to get unpadded so I could pee, but I really don't remember much of that evening besides that.

    Welcome aboard!

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    I was curious and wanted to try one on (forgot exactly how old I was) I ended up bailing out mid-change or something, cause I was gonna get caught. I also vaguely remember wearing some kind of nighty diaper...I dunno. My lousy memory of being in a diaper really struck my curiosity though later on in life xP

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    My first one was when I was about 6 or 7 and sneaked a wet one out of the trash. I managed to get it on, and it just barely fit, but it was good enough for me. I tried to hide it under my bed so I could wear it again, but I got caught. Up until I hit adulthood, that was the only diaper I got to wear after I was potty trained.

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    I showed the girl who lived next door my underwear for the first diaper and my penis for the second. Her little brother still had some leftover and she was about 1 year older than me, I was probobly 5.

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    My earliest diaper memory is when I was...18. Sadly, I don't remember wearing diapers as a kid. I clearly remember wetting my pants when I was six because I was curious about how it would feel. Didn't get diapered for that one, though.

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    my first memory of it was I was at my aunts neighbors house being babysat while I was in potty training in pull-ups in late 1990 since I would of been 3 then. My aunt, cousins and older brother and sister were all out I assume Christmas shopping since I was born in mid November.

    Anyways while their this woman was watching me and I guess her own daughter possibly. Anyways to cut to the chase me and the younger girl were pretty much forced to watch Bambi. Somewhere near the start of it I had to use the restroom but being nervous of any bathroom I didn't know and not really trusting this new stranger watching me for the first time I could recall. I tried to hold it but went in my pull-up. So after maybe a few mins at most my babysiter could smell one of us had a accident and didn't take long to figure it was me.

    So she took me in a side room, possibly a sun room/den since there was a good amount of natural light coming in. She explained that since my aunt din't leave me any spare pull-ups she'd have to put me in a diaper. I clearly protested at the time and the diaper went on. I don't recall much of it I just know or at least think it happened. But given my history, I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. I very distinctly recall finally getting back to my aunts, grabbing a spare pull-up from my drawer and ripping off the still clean diaper and putting on a pull-up.

    Even after all of that I still thought a Pull-up was FAR less babyish then a diaper.

    so, that's my first memory. Recently I tried to see if my aunt recalled anything from that day just to figure out if it was a nightmare or real. But my aunt couldn't recall that though she did think it was highly plausible for this woman to babysit me.

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    My first such memory dates back many years....I can remember it vividly including the colour and pictures on the Peaudouce products within said memory.

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    I was too chicken to buy my own diapers so I dared my friend to buy a pack :P She only wore hers for a little while and she kept asking why I still had mine on ^_^

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    My first memory is right before I was potty trained, I remember never wanting to give up my diapers.

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