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Thread: Carolina AB/DLs Unite... and party

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    Talking Carolina AB/DLs Unite... and party

    I propose that for those that are ready to meet others that we have a regular group meeting/party night. Say perhaps once a month. I know that I have seen other locations meet and have conferences. Well we here in Charlotte have already have two pretty fun diaper parties (nothing sexual). Just getting to know people and talking over dinner, music, drinks… and diapers.
    I know I have seen a surprising number of people both on this board and others that are within an hours drive of Charlotte and I feel that we should all hang out on a regular basis. I know that on Diaperspace alone I have found over 100 people that live in NC and about the same that are in SC. I do not know what is in the water but it seems to make us leak.
    If you or anyone you know would be interested in starting a legitimate group for dinners or parties now and then let me know.

    Rules (because we need them and they will be enforced)
    No Sex….
    No underage drinking
    We want to keep this a legit meeting to make friends

    After all the reason that people are on this site is so they do not feel alone. Though I know that many people will not be ready to meet others and that is fine, still feel free to post what your ideal first meeting would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Move it up north, so I can join
    you shall always be there in spirt, we may dedicate one party just to you, and start the meeting with food from chick-fil-a.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvsGurl View Post
    you shall always be there in spirt, we may dedicate one party just to you, and start the meeting with food from chick-fil-a.
    Yay :3 *hug*

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    aww man i used to live right outside Charlotte ; ; *pout*

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    i've been to north Carolina once on a boy scout trip. we stayed at a beutifull camp and went white water rafting two days in a row. it was a good time.

    if i had the oppertunity, i would love to go and see the towns, but i don't. it's a good idea though and i hope it works out.

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    I've driven through SC and NC quite a few times, but I didn't find anything wrong with the water. In fact, the only two lasting memories are sunburnt skin in Myrtle Beach SC and my very first meeting with another DL in the mountains of NC.

    Anyway, enjoy your parties or get-togethers.


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    Most of my North Carolina memories involve traffic, bad bbq and watching my team lose.

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