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Thread: need a veteran's advice I need new diapers for daily uses?

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    Default need a veteran's advice I need new diapers for daily uses?

    I need new diapers, but I have no clue what to get. I weight 115lb with a 29 - 30 waist. They need to be online and decreet. Any help would be great.

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    Well it really depends on more of your requirements, but the tena ultra is good. That's what I use everyday. Very discreet, affordable and good performance. Another option is the tranquility slimline but they aren't as discreet due to their plastic cover.

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    If you like diapers and want to hide them: Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Mediums.

    If you like diapers and want to not hide them (get pretty bulky when wet) : Bambino Diapers Mediums, Dry 24/7 Mediums.

    If you like Pullup-Style Diapers: Abena Abri-Flex Mediums

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    If you want something practical for daily use, I'd go with Abena Super's from XP Medical. They're not too thick, cheap-ish, and very comfortable. The price is affordable enough to not feel bad about using them somewhat wastefully, but the quality is still great.

    Don't get Cushies or Bambinos. Cushies will definitely leak--I think they're just an ornamental diaper, personally--and Bambinos are very expensive unless you get a case.

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    I think the abena xplus line are a good general use diaper. you've got a wide variety of absorbency and size, and they're generally good performers. Not terribly cheap, but not too bad. The 3's are probably a good tradeoff for daytime use, but depends on how much capacity you need.

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    I prefer Bambino teddies or bellissimo personally.
    ABU has cute printed stuff as does Bambino.

    XP Medical has very nice selection including sample packs. If you want non printed style.
    Abeba, molicare super pluss, dry 24/7 are among my faves of non printed.
    Just look at the sizing for your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    Im not to sure about what size I should get. Any ideas?
    If you can find a place online that lets you buy samples, get samples of small and medium sizes to see which one fits best. I have a 32" waist and some brands I'm defintiely a medium but others, the small is a better fit. You can try different sizes and levels of absorbency to figure out which one gives you the best balance of fit, absorbency and discretion to suit your own personal needs.

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