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    So I'm a TB/DL who has just discovered that I'm a LG/Sissy, I love the feeling of being cute whilst in a diaper, I've always felt a deep urge to try on and wear girls clothing, I enjoy makeup and pretty bows and accessories, and in general I just love the feeling of being a girl.
    So seeing as I'm really inexperienced and completely new to this whole thing, where would you more experienced people suggest I start? any helpful suggestions are welcome

    PS: If anyone could brief me on any etiquette and rules and stuff within being a LG/Sissy then that'd be rully helpful (if there are any hahahah I'm just totally new to this whole thing)


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    Hey there, welcome to the site.
    You might like to check out our fairly new Sissy / Girl section. I haven't a clue of the ins and out of that community, but there will be people there happy to give you pointers if you ask nicely. As for general advice or etiquette on this site, there's a link to some tips for newbies in my signature and some more in the Articles section. The basic rules here are be kind to others, don't lie, and do what the staff say (they wont bother you unless you're doing something wrong, and they're all friendly too.)
    Another point is we're not obsessed by our shared special interest, be that AB, DL, sissy etc. we talk about all kinds of other stuff. You could get started if you like by telling us some of your other interests or hobbies, we've probably got a forum or group for it somewhere.

    If you want any more tips, there's a handy drop down menu in a bar at the top saying "ADISC intro, Rules & Tips", you'll find some stuff in there that's useful. Enjoy your time here!

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    Welcome! You're among lots of friends here.

    I don't know if you've had a look at the rules ( yet, but those just about cover it. As to specific rules for the sissies and LGs...we don't have our own special code of conduct or anything. However, one guideline I'd offer is to be especially open-minded and kind to others. Being an LG as well as an AB can give people some anxiety about sharing, as I'm sure you're aware, so approach discussion with an open mind (not necessarily agreeing with everything, but respecting everyone). Also, no letting the smelly boys play with our pretty dolls (kidding! I'm one of the smelly boys, don't tell anybody.)

    Starting out as a sissy is an exciting time! Before you get started, a couple of questions:
    1. Do you live at home? This means a little extra discretion, or waiting until you've got your own place. Discretion is important, for your sake and for others'.
    2. If you do, do you have a place to stash your girly things? The storage space you have will dictate how much stuff you can have. I'm limited to a pack of diapers, one pair of panties, and a couple of dresses.

    Some stuff I'd suggest:
    *Girly diapers! If you're small enough, the L/XL girls' Goodnites are wonderfully girly. I can fit in at a 32 inch waist, but it's a bit of a stretch.
    *Panties - inexpensive, easy to hide, and tons of cute styles available everywhere.
    *Skirts/dresses - you can find cheap, girly styles at thrift stores everywhere. If you've got a bit of space, you can hide a couple of cute little numbers.
    *Tights - a pair of cute tights can really complete the look. Try a department store, in the womens' or girls' section.

    Don't worry if you don't look like an actual girl...I sure as heck don't! It's all about how you feel, and accessing that cute little side of yourself. Have fun, don't do anything crazy or permanent, and take the time to explore and figure out what you're all about.

    Otherwise, just look around at the topics, make some posts, and get to know people! We're all happy to have a new friend to chat with. Don't hesitate to ask anything at all.

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    Awesome, thank you guys for the advice (: I just purchased some mega cute girly diapers which is a start and I'll go hunting for other girly things this week

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    Welcome!!! ~Hugs~ I hope you're enjoying the site. There's lots of articles under our LG/Sissy section i hope it's helpful to you!

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    Just stopping by to say Hello and welcome as I don't really have time to talk right now, I do know some very good sissy tailors/seamstresses, if are in the market for dress and the like let me know I will post up their sites.
    Anyway welcome to the community, sorry I don;t have more time to chat at the moment nearly 3AM here.

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    Yes the girls goodnites are wonderful, I just hope that we gat some character prints on the L/XL Size soon.

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    Hi AshTrayWasp . Hope to see more of you in the sissy/lg section where we can talk more about this stuff. Hugs.

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