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Thread: A New introduction of a not so new person

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    Default A New introduction of a not so new person

    So, I've been thinking about doing this for awhile; while I have err..two introductions already from when I came back, and when I came back again, I felt I should do something new...something not 4 years old. Why? Well I would like to think I've changed a little bit since 2008 =p, plus Anyone around long enough knows the people around here have changed a ton since then (or even 2-3 years ago when I remember really getting active again). ANYWAYS figured it couldn't hurt to do a little refresher, and hopefully only be mostly a stranger =p.

    Oh I am following the guide ( because it is incredibly useful, for new or old alike.

    *ahem* Hello there, as you may or not know (or figured out) I am Coyote_Howl, or Coyote as I tend to shorten it to. IF you are old enough to go to some of the 18+ sites (I can't mention) you may have seen me, I try to use similar photos and name in abdl circles. Umm I consider myself a mix of dorky, nerdy, slacker and do well on the dorky part anyways >.>

    What brought me here? Well, if I remember 4+ years ago, I might be able to tell you =p. As for my interest in it, well I can tell you I've well established that I'm into ABDL, though not sure if I really am an ABDL or more of a caretaker (though I like to think there is a mix of ab and caretaker, without the wanting to be babied if that makes any sense). Like I said, I have no idea why I came here way back when, so we'll go with why do I stay here, and what am I looking for from here =p.

    Why do I stay? Mostly because, despite sometimes my complaints, I still find there to be interesting discussions that keep me around. I kind of like being sort of the older member that can help in some cases, though my knowledge is hardly enough to be as helpful as I'd probably want to or should be. As for what I'm looking for? Well pretty much same as above, I want to have meaningful discussions and fun discussions about things outside the realm of *BDL. Oh I read and comment on those discussions as well, but A lot of the time I've seen the same discussions many many times, either here or elsewhere and thus they get tiring.

    Okay, so what are my interests when we leave the *B/DL realm and enter the vanilla world of lollipops and rainbows? Well, they aren't as interesting as that sentence, but the biggest of which is video games. I love playing video games, at times to the point it is overkill. I used to tend to be more on a console gamer but about 6-7 years ago I kept getting more and more into PC gaming, especially lately as my PC is the one that can run something made from 4 years ago or earlier (my console is a PS2 so...yeah).

    I like a lot of simulation games, strategy games, have most of Paradox's grand strategy games, though so far only gotten into EU III and Crusader Kings II. Uhh I like some FPS games, though I've been getting away from those more lately. Adventure games have become a major favorite of mine, though I get overly picky about which ones I like and there aren't enough to satisfy it xD. I also play some RPGs and have a special place in my heart for platformers.

    "Well that is all good and well, but you must have more interests then just sitting around playing video games!" In fact, I tend to enjoy...sitting around watching movies! =p, I don't watch a lot, as after one I need a break for a bit before really being able to dive into another movie. But I tend to enjoy sci-fi the most, while watching some action movies, some dramas, oh and a ton of comedies. Of course I also like Disney (and Disney Pixar), making no less then well known I LOVE Lion King and especially Lion King 2. Oh, any movie with a director's commentary is something I must have! I love listening to those.

    Besides movies and video games, I like to listen to music at times, I love to watch sports, watch some t.v., umm I love cooking and just food in general. Oh I also like travel. I'll avoid getting into it too much (being this is long as hell) but with food my favorite cuisines have to be mexican and thai. As for travel, I really wish I could travel more then I do now, I love going to new places and seeing the sights (and trying the food!). I know my next trip out of the country is going to be to Australia, for reasons I'm not telling you (for now); while within the U.S. I really want to go to Oregon next.

    So yes, as you may notice when I start writing I tend to write a bit too much, the challenge is starting the writing but yeah. That is about it for now, to try to keep this from being massive. I'll try to throw in a summary a bit later, since I realize it will be long and not everyone has the time or patience to read all that xD. But glad its out of the way, and hope you all have a good day!

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    Hey mate,

    thanks for the reintroduction. I think it's a good idea if "older" (established) members reitroduce themselves once in a while, so that relative new members as myself can see whats behind those bold printed, yellow or purple persons.

    And don't give up, one day you'll get that road runner!


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