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Thread: Fursonality switch.

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    Default Fursonality switch.

    Lame topic title...

    Assuming you hadn't already decided on the species of your internet character, what would you decide using if for some unlogical reason you couldn't use what you've already decided on? Non-furs, feel welcome to reply as well.

    I'd choose a lizard, possibly a mix of features from a geckos & iguanas.

    None of that lame fox >>> wolf, wolf <<< Fox shit either, try & think outside the box.

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    I'd probably want a mix between a black Labrador and some other kind of creature that would go anatomically well with it. Perhaps even a squirrel or a skunk...considering I've blessed my fursona with shape-shifting abilities, I might have a logical ("logical") way to make the switch. The question is just what species to mix them with...

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    Another type of fox, a wolf, a coyote, a husky, a raccoon, a cat, or some type of hybrid. They're just some of my favorite animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey View Post
    None of that lame fox >>> wolf, wolf <<< Fox shit either, try & think outside the box.
    ;.; u hurted my feelings

    If I haven't have established myself as the wolffox waffle I am today, I probably would be a dragon.... a snowleopard or... a Lion. Lions kick ass.

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