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Thread: im new!!!!

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    Default im new!!!!

    hello im new here want to learn more bout everything hewllo everyone

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    Welllllllllllll.... to start you off:
    The sky is blue because of the refraction of light.
    Not every differential equation is solvable.
    Force is mass times acceleration.
    polymers most often have coefficients of friction greater than 1.
    Beowulf is not a book.
    And last but not least:
    You have a very big welcome to site, feel free to mingle... I won't use my powers on you.... yet....

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    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!
    *dances is a little circle waving NC flag, pointing to the crown for the Queen city*

    happy happy.
    I love meeting new people from down the street. I would love to said hello over all.
    THough I would like to say welcome to the natinal daipers state of the world, and the town that we all love. I would also like to extend the invitation we have to all AB/DL's here, we live close to East Mech and have a diaper neighborhood. Both Darkfinn and I wear as do our next door neighbors.... feel free to drop in.

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