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    Introducing myself is easy. I'm boooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg

    Not much to tell. I have had the need and desire to wear diapers sice I was 6. I have gotton so angry at myself over the years of this need.

    What I have is more of a need to be accepted by an older man wanting to treat as his little girl. I have been in two relationships where I was treated as though I was weird and dumb for wanting to be diapered and treated as nothing but, a big baby. I feel comforted and in bliss when put into a diaper. Like all the stress of my life is gone.

    I grew up in a house where my mother was always drunk and going from man to man taking me to bars and things as young as 4. I had no affection as a child and even though at 9 was adopted by a man she ended up marrying still felt I needed a daddy. I always felt like the outcast and not needed and no one ever wanted me around. Even he who adopted me would leave for days at a time to gamble all the money they would save and left us with nothing when he died.

    Then I married and had a child with a guy that was harsh to me and treated me like a sex toy. I dressed in adult baby girl dresses and diapers and footed jammies to bed just to be told I was stupid. Even when I did the things HE wanted in bed I would beg him to spend the night with me and cried that he would hold me all night and his friends and his outside life was more important to him than me.

    So basically I guess the way I am now after years of being treated like no one wanted me around is. ITS MY SHOW AND I WANT LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF ATTENTION!

    My poor boyfriend has to take all of my depression and this need of wanting to be little that I have and make me feel hole. Poor guy the burden I have given him. He is accepting of my diaper fetish and slowly I am teaching him about my baby side. My desire for him to simple things like lay me down on the bed and diaper and dress me as cute as he feels is needed. That feeling alone makes me feel like i'm floating on a cloud and no one on gods green earth can touch or hurt me.

    So to him I say good luck and i'm sorry for making you deal with my broken self.

    Well, thats me in a nut shell. TTFN

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    Ok that's cool, we don't get many life stories in the intros section, so that's certainly new and interesting. I know everyone needs to vent a little every now and then but that can't be everything; there have got to be some positives in your life maybe if you share some of those, like hobies, music you like or films you enjoy, you might find yourself making some very good friends here and taking the heavy load off of your boyfriend.

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    It said introduce yourself so I figure what better way to introduce myself then telling MY story. My positive in my life is my boyfriend and my daughter and my cute kitties. They all love me and make me feel the need I never got. I love all sorts of music and my favorite films are horror. As far as taking a load off of my boyfriend he doesn't feel that way at all he enjoys me in his life and has no complaints I'm just tooo cute for him to ever complain.

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    hehe fair enough it just sounded like all this bad and very little good brought you here I'm glad I was wrong. So how many kittens have you got?

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    That's really cool he's accepting of this, glad you too found each other
    Welcome to adisc

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    No I just wanted a venting place and a place to talk to others like me I have two kitties lol named Minnie and Mickey.

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