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Thread: Australian supplier help please?

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    Default Australian supplier help please?

    Ive recently been quite disappointed by bright sky aust with delivery, contact and markings on boxes, can someone please recommend another online Australian shop that sells molicares, abenas etc?

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    Hey mate,

    I ordered only once yet from Bright Sky and was quite satisfied with speed and descreetness of dilivery. How many deliveries did you get that where stuffed up? However, have you checked this group thread: Where to get gear in the Land of Oz.

    Most people are happy with Independence Australia, however I never bought there. They do online as well as in store sales. Have also a good look on the internet if you find a local supplier. In Adelaide I can get Molicares Super Plus at least in two places in store, maybe you have one in close to you as well.


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    You can pay with bank deposit I think. If you call up and set up an account, they will send out your order and you have 2 weeks from the day you receive your order to pay for it.

    Not sure if that helps. I order a lot from Independence Australia.


    Physio Supplies

    Accepted Credit Cards and Payments

    We accept PayPal, and major Credit cards.

    Visa, Master Card - including Visa Debit Cards are accepted via our website using the following method.

    These cards are processed independently by a company named Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) using their Payment Gateway option - Payment Express.

    Whilst processing your credit card you will be taken away from our site to the DPS Site
    Get in contact with itsacurlyone.

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    What part of Australia are you based?

    Try these guys. I have been buying from them for the past year. Very happy with the service.
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