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    Such a simple word & an item that doesn't bring much attention at all!! But to a lot of us here, it can mean so much & yet, can be so troublesome at times!!

    There is the comfort factor of them; whether it be for stress relief, to be able to relive your baby/toddlerhood again or just for fun!! They allow you to just let go & be little & carefree again, going in them where you are & not think twice about it!! Being able to going in a diaper, whether in one or both ways, can be soothing & relaxing, even if the clean up afterwards is less than that!!

    Hearing the sound of them crinkling as you walk around, can be a nice & relaxing sound!! However, to a non-AB/DL, walking around sounding like you have a plastic bag stuck in your back pocket, could be very annoying!! But, the more they crinkle or rustle, the better the diaper is!!

    The smell of them, can have memories reawakened & also can be relaxing as well!! Some have their favorites, is terms of smell, whether it be Pampers, Huggies, Luvs or a favorite store brand!! The opening of a new pack & the odor of them wafting out into the air around you, does it not sometimes bring a smile to your face?

    Then there is the selection & type of them; cloth or disposable, white, colored or printed, plastic or cloth backed, pull-on or tape style & the AIO, a cloth diaper with a built-in plastic cover!! Which can be good, having so much to pick from, but can also be overwhelming as well, as you try to pick out which fits you the best & what you think you'll like the most!! Also, the level of thickness, do you like thin & discrete or thick, the thicker the better for you?

    Now onto the troublesome part of this,

    Getting & hiding them can bring much stress to some, even more so with our teen members who still live at home & don't have access to a credit/debit card to buy online!! Going to a store, whether by bike, on foot or if you have a drivers license can be a headache, as the fear factor of dealing with lines in the store or what a clerk will think can paralyze one into thinking there is no hope on getting them at all!! If you weren't a nervous wreck before going to get them, you might be an even bigger one after getting them, whether you did buy them or if you couldn't do so!!

    Hiding them can bring it's own challenges, parents or siblings going into your room & finding them, along with friends who aren't into it like you are!! It can be hard enough to hide new ones, but a used one can make you worry about the odor giving you away & even if you get it into the trash can without being seen doing it, will it be found in there before it is picked up & emptied by your local trash service!!

    The emotional aspect can also be troublesome, liking such a thing, no matter the reason why you do!! You can like them, but hate yourself for liking them too, as it can make you happy & also be depressing at the same time!! The binge & purge cycles, getting rid of everything & then once done, having to start all over again getting them back!!

    So, I ask you, what does the word "Diaper" & the item itself mean to you?

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    Diaper and it's term to me asides the intended/implied usage of them to me brings emotional security, stress relief, regression, cute.

    Though at the same time I'm a 24 year old guy who wears diapers willingly for no medical reasons at all. It's also progress to the point of a fetish which I still can't personally accept. Using it as a fetish defeats the sole reason I wanted to try them again in the first place. It was about regression, not any "disgusting" (in my point of view, for myself.) sexual perversions. Thankfully I am in complete control over my actions with diapers, thought they still garner special attention and unless I wore 24/7 to the point of it being boring it will always garner unwanted attention ending in at least erections.

    I personally hate discussing the sexual side of diapers or anything else I find attractive simply because I don't want it to be this way. It's a cruel joke in all honesty, I don't believe in reproduction, sex or anything of that sort yet I'm still drawn to it but only with diapers. However I've read a few things here and there describing any sexual release to be "natural" and the benefits of doing so. I also know it will provide the most intensive high I'll likely ever know, so that's the only bright side.

    If it was a possibility without risks I would prefer willingly to go without a sexual attraction to diapers. I wanted them however slightly since I was at least 3 or 4 and it's only grow more and more. Frankly I'm half sure it will be more possible to make someone other then me understand/support it then I ever will for myself. Especially with a sexual side to it I never wanted or needed.

    Isn't the process of accepting that you want to wear/use diapers self torture enough?

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    They've become a necessary part of my daily routine, along with all the associated worries. Can anyone see the bulge? If I go out, how many spares will I need? Am I leaking? Can the person sitting next to me at work smell it? Am I keeping myself clean/hygenic enough to prevent rashes? I wish I didn't have to worry about all these things.

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    It means truth! I am not wearing adult underwear, protective briefs or any of the other vanilla terms. I wear Diapers

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    Oh diapers!
    The word sends an ecstatic spike to my brain and i will never fully understand this.

    Has anyone noticed how many people dread getting old because they will be in diapers and be cared for like a baby?
    Here many of us sit with a total advantage over most of the general population, yet still we find more negatives when it should be celebrated.
    I always hear the saying, getting old isn't for sissies, but you know what maybe it is, the thing that everyone fears close to death will be our greatest enjoyment.
    This realization allows me to enjoy life now whereas i was so fearful of getting older.

    And all of this 1 year after actually using diapers consciously.
    Diapers:They are amazing.

    I love em, everything about them, however how will they look in 10 or 20 years?
    I hope they never change too much.

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    The word to me resembles a sense of innocence and care, when I hear someone say the word diaper in a connotative way, it makes me giggle inside like a little boy. I use to be uncomfortable with the word but now I embrace the word every chance I get, every time i say the word to a friend it makes me feel that much littler inside. I dont understand what is so wrong with the word and people sugar coat it with words like "Protective Underwear" or "Absorbant Briefs", just call them what they are, DIAPERS! I think the word itself is such a beautiful word lol (i know im weird)

    The diaper itself is even better. So good infact that I will write a poem:

    Ode to the joys of diapers,
    the unmistakable crinkle of a young heart,
    a smell to which nostalgia ensues.
    Tape to tape, the unfastening of memories abound,
    Companion of sweet smelling powder,
    Expressions of bland and wild color.
    Protection in infantile form, yet still,
    Embodiment of childish times long passed
    Lives a relic of re-visitation in numerous forms.
    Love, Innocence, Fun and Security.
    Ode to the joys of diapers.

    Normal Elaboration (lol):

    The mixture of crinkle, smell, softness and tapes coming on and off all take me to a place of wonderful memories :P

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    Just something for me to wear and enjoy the feeling and the padding of them and peeing in them. I like how baby powder makes them softer. I have to deal with the rashes though and putting cream on them, letting myself air out, wondering if I smell like pee, my clothes smelling like it too. I use baby powder for that reason so my clothes won't smell. I feel they are part of me and my choice of underwear. I also feel the back to make sure there are no leaks. I use good diapers for that so they won't leak on me. I have worn plastic pants over diapers for in case of leaks. But I don't need to wear any over Wellness Briefs at work and my jeans won't fit over them anyway if I did. I also hate worrying about wasting them because changing them more often avoids the smell and rashes. It doesn't even matter if I am wet in the middle only, just change it anyway if I have had it on for so long because it starts to smell, even the Wellness Briefs. Plus I like how they make me feel, very happy.

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