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Thread: Finally, my very own "I told" thread

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    Well, after quite a long time of dragging my feet, I fianlly told my husband my ABDL secret I posted on here a few months ago a thread asking for everyone's advice about how to tell my husband I was ABDL. I recieved a great amount of advice and kept thinking that it would go good if I told but I just couldnt bring myself to do it. I couldnt get past the fact that if it went badly it would always be there as a strain on our relationship and it didnt seem the potentinal gains were more than the potentinal losses. So I made up in my mind to just keep it to myself.
    Well, a few weeks ago we were on vacation and after listening to a preacher speak my husband wanted to talk to me about something he had kept from me. He told me something that he hadnt told anyone else and he was afraid that I would be mad/ hold it against him, but I reassured him it was ok and that I didnt think less of him. I thought about telling him my secret, but I backed out. The next day he told me that he was so glad that he didnt have anymore secrets anymore, that I knew everything about him. I then felt really guilty because I still did have secrets. All day I thought about telling him and made up my mind to finally tell him. As we drove back to our hotel from a concert I told him I was glad he shared his secrets but that I still had something I hadnt told him. He asked what and I told him, "You know how I have always had bladder problems and I told you it made me a little a werid about some stuff....well, one of those things is that to wear diapers" I blurted it out quick and couldnt look at him. He just kinda laughed and said "Really? Diapers?" He was really good about it! I told him I wasnt the only one like this and he said he knew some people liked to act like babies. He didnt ask alot of questions but I knew that he was ok with it because he was making diaper jokes within the hour (he's a big joker) I am still kind of amazed that I actually told him and he doesnt care at all. I'm taking all my cues from him, not wanting to presure him and ruin it. I wear around him but dont let me him unless he askes or it comes up and I try to not use my pacifier around him too much (unless he tells me to get if of course ) He hasnt seen me in a diaper yet and he wont unless he askes; it will be awhile before I broach the subject of role play and such. He thinks its cute and calls me his 'big baby'. Its a great feeling to have someone know the truth and accpet you for who you are. Overall he seemed not to surprised.....of course he knew most of it already except the diapers and baby stuff. Just really happy about it wanted to share

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    I think you are doing a VERY great job. Don't rush things! I was scared to DEATH to tell my fiancee when we very first met. I was almost sure she was going to take it wrong or not want to be with me anymore. (BTW I am a bed wetter still to this day). I am happy she accepted my problem and she even helps me out with it. I am very grateful for her acceptance, makes me feel even more loved.

    Good luck!

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    WTG! I remember my feeling of relief when i told my wife too! Glad to hear everything is ok.

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    Sounds like he may very well find this to be an endearing addition to your relationship. This is something to be very positive about and I wish you both the best in your continued openness! ^^

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    My other half "mommy" I told from the start. We both have mental health problems(Depression) , We both know how much of life is special and live it to the full, she likes me as a baby and when we have ups and downs has do most people in a relations which healthy, I think it’s baby getting in the way which she reassures me that baby and me are not the problem and she would not have it any other way, because I show a sensitive side and baby is so much part of me in ever day life not regressed but in daily live. All I will say is don’t push it let things run their course this will bring you closer in a more mean-a-full relation than before. also as onecho said all the best to the both of you.

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    Yeah its pretty great to be so open with someone and have them still accept you....not to mention the guilt of hiding it is gone I have not pushed it at all nor will I and I dont expect him to be my 'daddy' or anything. I still want him to know that he is married to an adult woman so I keep my baby stuff to a minium and most of the things he has seen so far is because he's asked. I didnt even want to have him see me suck a pacifier, but after having told him, one night I was laying on the couch and I guess since the guilt of hiding it was gone, I feel alseep with it in, only to be woke up by him with it still in! He thought it was cute and I still only suck it when he tells me to get it (which is actually quite often). When its late he'll and I'm kinda cranky he'll say "Lets be get baby her paci" or something like that And though he's never asked many questions about the diapers or anything I know he's curious about them. When he noticed I was wearing one the othe day he took a peek to see what it looked like (I felt like a little baby getting their diaper checked!) and then the next day I noticed my diaper stash had visablely been messed with (like he was checking it out). But it's just nice to have the pressure off!

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