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Thread: Power loss and storm damage from Ohio to Virginia.

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    Default Power loss and storm damage from Ohio to Virginia.

    Please pray for those who lost power and who are still without power, especially those who rely on home medical devices. The area I live in is especially hit hard.

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    I've been affected too in the Fauquier County area. I remember when the power went off at over 10:00 at night on June 29. I did not get power back on until nearly two days later. But when I got my power back on, I had to remove everything that had been refrigerated from the freezer and fridge and cleaned out the drools in there. Even the capital has been victimized by the storm.

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    I'm in Ohio, but luckily, I managed to avoid the storm. The lightning out there is some of the largest I've ever seen, and I've had a few power flashes, but nothing bad. I really hope this (my good fortune) continues.
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    After the ice storm of "68" I've always had back-up power. If one does not take steps to take care of one's self and loved ones you get what you deserve. Where I live 10 day power outages are a semi-regular thing, and folks are prepaired.

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    I live in Ohio. I figured the storm was only in my area, as I was down in Florida and didn't hear much of it.

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    My power went out Friday and didn't come back on till today. I must say I'm a wimp and need my eletricity and my window fan.

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    I got lucky with that one but my grandmother and aunt had some damage at their house, mild damage but she got her power back on fast. I have a fried of mine in DC who still doesn't have power last I heard. I know she only updates on Facebook when she can but last I heard, no power since Friday night.

    This is the worst I've seen it. Longest I've gone without power is 10 hours after Ike blew through Ohio in 2008.

    I have seen how bad it is on TV and my sympathies go out to those without power.


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    I know as of last thing last night, some still didn't have power. I haven't had the chance to check the news this morning, but I would think there may still be some people in the dark. I hope all our members in this area are doing ok :3

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    I am concerned greatly for the people hit in these storms. We fixed up are old generator to run our water pump when the power gets knocked out, investing in a generator is a very good idea. Being able to run a fridge and maybe a small heater could be a life saver.

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    While you are praying say a few for the crews that are out there 16 houes a day. The heat index in Ohio today is 108.

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