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Thread: I'm back, baby!

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    Default I'm back, baby!

    How many times have I announced my return now? Well, add another strike to the tally!

    Yeah, hi again everybody. Some of you remember me, some don't. Either way, I'd like to give everybody a warm, fuzzy hug. And hopefully receive some too. ;_;

    My life has been undergoing massive changes lately. I'm now a university student! Woo. However, due to being socially inept, I've failed to make a single friend. On the plus side, I now have oodles of free time, so now I'm here! I hope to get to know everybody again.

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    welcome back verscha! i've always enjoyed your funny and well-written posts. i hope your social life at university improves as the year goes on -- i would recommend getting involved in a lot of frivolous little clubs and activities. they seem like a silly waste of time, but what no one says out loud is that most people get involved in them for no other reason but that they're desperate to make friends.

    in the meantime, when real-life friends can't be found, there's always the internet, right?

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    Welcome back, Verscha! No limit on how many returns you make, main thing is you do return. I remember your baby ducks swimming in a cup, too.


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    Wow, I'm surprised I can still get more than an "oh, it's you again" response. Thanks guys.

    What are you studying?
    Politics. Well, we say 'studying', but the workload thus far has been incredibly light. :P

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