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Thread: Need help with Life

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    Unhappy Need help with Life

    I am 17 years old and just graduated from school, I have a job that pays $15.00 dollars an hour working 8 hour days. I have to be up at 3 am to get ready and catch a bus and be at work at 6 am. I work in Commercial Carpentry working with concrete forms scraping the plywood clean and cutting it to size out in the summer sun. I get off at 2 pm and get home at 4:00 pm to have to go to bed at 7 to get my 8 hours of sleep all to make $100 dollars a day. All my friends are telling me to come out and party and have fun its the summer time but I can't cause i am too tired to do anything on the weekends. While on the other hand my mother and sister are telling me I have to work its life. My sister said I was stupid to think I should just take the summer off it being the last summer before I am 18 years old. I would just like a third opinion Am I being stupid, is this life? Does it get better? Should I continue to work and make lots of money(15 dollars is a lot at my age)? Does money truly buy Happiness?

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    I think it's up to you but I for one would not even be doing that job because I cannot handle stress well and it be too much for me and I can't get to sleep and it takes me hours to go to sleep. Thank god I had parents who didn't push me into adult life when I finished school. I did it on my own at my own pace and they helped me when I needed it.

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    Well, you're right in the middle of two very big parts of your life. It can seem like this period of nothingness lasts a lot longer than it actually does; I believe that the next logical step for you would be college. figure out what you want to do, and then do it.
    right now, i'm working part time at a restaurant as a busser. not the most glamorous job, but it pays reasonably and I found out that i rather enjoy it most of the time.

    to answer your question directly: no, this isn't all that life is. life is when you do what you like and you like what you do.
    if you truly don't like what you're doing now, then you can try and find another job. it might not pay as well, but the hours would likely give you more room on the weekends, etc.

    i hope that i'm not too incoherent here... i've been sipping on a wine cooler for a while now and it's not exactly conducive to clear thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluesClues View Post
    "...Am I being stupid?..."
    Do you believe that you are being (or are going to be/feel) stupid?

    Quote Originally Posted by BluesClues View Post
    " this life?..."
    It's part of 'we' 'know' 'it'. What is life to you?

    Quote Originally Posted by BluesClues View Post
    "...Does it get better? ..."
    ...better than what, and yes, and it get's worse too, and sometimes it stays the same, and sometimes it's hard to tell for sure. Better than some, and worse than others.

    Quote Originally Posted by BluesClues View Post
    "...Should I continue to work and make lots of money(15 dollars is a lot at my age)? ..."
    $15 dollars/Hr is allot at my age too! Do you not need money?? Can you make lots of money without working? Are you guaranteed a place to live, and food to eat (you gonna stay at your parents, until they are gone?) etc.

    Enriching social functions can help your quality of life...'partying' is usually only for the moment, and costs some money too.

    I'm tempted to glad you have a job, and that it pays pretty good, and that you can even work in the first place. Okay, realizing your from BC...I don't know how good 15* an hour is, but still... Don't kill yourself over it, or ignore life...but probably don't dump it either. Job=$=means to experience a way of life...there are other ways of life too...

    Quote Originally Posted by BluesClues View Post
    "...Does money truly buy Happiness?
    Money buys things...truly
    Happiness is relative...
    you can pay for things that you feel happy with. You can buy influence, and popularity...but you can't buy love.

    It's all in what you believe...
    Good luck, and best regards to you!

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    that job isn't just about the money; it's about a good deal more then that.

    it's about how far you can push your self; how much you can get out of your self when the going gets hard. i don't know what your going to do with the rest of your life; schooling? from what i have read; that isn't a walk in the park. it takes commitment and will power. it seems to me this job will help you learn that in aces.

    when i was young, my Father would push me through hard stuff. He would tell me that some day i would grow up and find myself somewhere that all the hard work in my childhood would help me with.

    well, i never got past high school. but when i went into the Navy and got into the sub service i found my Fathers words echoing in my ears. working with, and being push by, my Father as a kid; paid off in sub-school and on the boat. as it turned out, i understood the operating principles of most of the systems much better than any of the other non-qual's.... that meant i earned my dolphins faster. i qualified my watch faster. and i got my first crow faster. it also meant that when something went wrong, that i was better able to act faster to what ever the situation was. that equaled more trust and respect by the Men i served with. and that means everything........

    so when you are making your choice of work, or play.......
    remember, that's not the real choice. the real choice is your future.

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    Having a job is nice. And having money is real nice. Especially pulling in $100 a day at your age. But what's the point of all that money if you can't spend it on anything?

    I think it's important to just be happy with yourself in whatever you're doing. If you're honest with yourself and can say that you're content doing all of the work because the money is worth it to you, then by all means keep the job. It sounds like a lot of time spent down at your workplace but if that's where you want to be, then that's where you should be.

    First you should consider your future, and if you'll need the money and if so, how much! If your parents are going to make you move out when you hit 18, then it'll be helpful for you to have a good amount of cash saved up. If you're going to be accommodated one way or another (staying at home, going somewhere else for college, etc) then it's up to you to determine how much money means to you. If you have expensive tastes and hobbies it still might be worth keeping all the hours for now. If you're like me, and are fine as long as you have something good to drink at any given time, then you definitely could afford to cut back on the hours and enjoy yourself now.

    There's a time and place for enjoying yourself in the moment and partying; if you really think you're missing out on being with your friends then go for it! Don't listen to your mom and sister who think life is about work, that's just a depressing idea. Just consider this as planning for the future, and/or determining what a dollar is worth to you! Personally I am fine with working 2 days/10 hours a week because it pays for everything I care about for now. When I get a 'real' job I'll have to reassess what my time is worth.

    Saving all your money for when you're 70 sucks!

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    Sounds similar to what I was doing recently... working 6am to 2pm 5 days a week, having to get up early to walk to work. Bit jealous really, you're earning a lot more than I did, plus it sounds like you get weekends off, whereas I never got two days off in row.

    I finished with my job because ultimately I wasn't happy in my day to day life. Of course you need to think about the future, and sometimes that means making sacrifices in the present, but you should always be happy with what you're doing. And that means having a proper work life balance.

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    While your q's are proverbial in nature I ask myself these q's still everyday (I'm 39). My thoughts on it change routinely. The big trade-off of earning money to thrive or living life based more upon experiences without toil.

    Remember life is an adventure and most small choices we make may lead to pleasant experiences or maybe even unforseen misfortunes. You are at the exact age in your life where you sit in the captains chair and dictate your own choices. If you are still living "at home" you have the opportunity to save a small fortune in a few years time and afford to buy a car or travel or plan a college career. You are standing at the shoreline with a huge vast ocean ahead of you. I totally get your q's as there are many! I wish I was in your shoes.

    Myself, since the age 17 I have weaved back and forth between trying to balance work with life. I have made some rediculously stupid choices and even a few good ones. I have even been at the right place and the right time with a little luck too. I read a book awhile back titled something like "how to be lucky" and it changed my life. The premise was something like "if you want to fly with eagles you can't hang with turkeys". I wish I could remember the exact title and author. In the present I have no regrets and feel like I have not only dodged a few bullets but have also discovered the responsible but inquisitive side of my life. The journey continues.

    My advice is Balance. If you can take the burden and sacrifice for awhile remember you can balance it with some indulgence. It takes constant adjusting. There are doctors who have spent their entire life dedicated to their practice while destroying their marriages. They earned money and accomplished alot and sacrificed themselves until the end. There are inventors and risk takers who hit it big and in the end squandered all of their fortunes. There are those who work in modest professions who in the end claim convincingly that they lived an enriched life without wealth. The variations are vast. The variation is your choice to make.

    The very fact that you ask these q's is evidence that you are already on the right personal path. Happy sailing my friend. Enjoy!
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    I also worked construction. It is summer and now is the time to work. If your job is like most construction jobs come winter you can expect to be laid off. Try and stash some of your money away and party then.
    The next point is how well do you like what you are doing?
    My father taught me at a early age that work is a lot easier if you like what you do. If you like it fine. If you don't continue untill you find something you do like.
    I guess the whole point is you are considered a grown up now. At this point you are responsible for yourself. Do what is best for you and only you know what that is.

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    Are you saving up for school? If you are then it should all be worth it come September. If you are not saving for school are there any oportunities in this company? If it's just a grunt job and they plan on letting you go at the end of it then you might want to look elsewhere. But if you think you could make a career out of it then think of this as paying your dues.

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