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Thread: How to Stuff a Bambino with a baby diaper?

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    Default How to Stuff a Bambino with a baby diaper?

    Howdy yall. Before I got my mitts on the lovely bambino diaper, I would stuff an Abena M4 with a size 6 pamper and get a nice increase in absorbency. I have the house to myself pretty soon, and I want a stupidly absorbent and cute diaper to spend my time in. The waterproof plastic cover of the M4 separates from the rest of the diaper very easily. To stuff the M4, I would take the waterproof cover off just enough so there was a hole I could put the pamper into. I would then sew the hole up, which had the added benefit of holding the pamper in place.

    What is the best way to do this to a Bambino Teddy? The waterproof cover doesn't come off the front very easily, and I don't want to cut the landing strip with all the Teddies... they are too cute!

    Well since no one has answered I just went ahead and did my best. I sliced the bambino from the inside this time, right above the SAP layer, taking special care to not damage the waterproof layer. I removed the elastics from the pamper. I then tried to get the SAP layer away from the bottom of the diaper. However, I encountered something I have not ever seen before: The bambino diapers have a second layer of SAP, held together by curved, stretched out hourglass piece of material. I believe that this material is what keeps the bambino from clumping, which is a feature I really like about this diaper. I had to snip this material to fit the pamper stuffer in, and I dislodged some SAP from the top layer. Because I love the smell of baby powder, I sprinkled a little bit inside of the hole as well so that lovely scent permeates hopefully permeates. I will see how this goes. I bought a case of the bambinos, so I will do my best to perfect my stuffing methods, to see how I can fit in a stuffer without damaging the diapers looks or anti-clumping abilities, and report back!
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    Pamperchu once had a video on how to stuff a bambino (and others). Basically the synopsis of that is the very back of the bambino can be pulled apart from the plastic backing to access the inner padding without compromising the integrity of the padding. However this must be done slowly as bambinos have quite a bit of glue on them (I think they may have used more when they switched to their new machine, but I have no way to prove it). After that, the baby diaper can be inserted into the cavity you created. When that's finished, you can press the hole you created back together and WA-BAM, you got yourself an improved diaper, no knife required.

    As for your lack of patience:

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    I was kinda pressed for time. I felt like sharing after I had altered the bambino.I have seen that video by pamperchu (which is where I got the whole idea from), although I don't remember him mentioning a bambino. A quick answer would have been nice, but its not what I was expecting.

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