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    Has anyone had the problem of the P*nes, due to being erect, supporting some of the weight of the diaper (this happens especially with a wet diaper)? I love the feeing of a snug diaper, but the pain afterwards (and during) is really not nice. I currently wear tena slip super mediums, if anyone's interested. they have a bit of a sag when very full, but not too much.

    So- please help?

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    For those kinds of situations I think I'd recommend pulling the diaper down a bit, and release the tension as it were. That will probably keep it from hurting, though you should clean up before pulling it back up as diapers don't absorb those kinds of fluids as well.

    And if you don't want to do that I could probably think of some things you could think of to make it go down faster.

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    Heres a little trick. Tense your thighs tight for 10-20 seconds and then it goes down. Try it out next time

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    You assume that as long as it's erect it's gonna hurt... is it really necesseraly so? maybe lubing up would help, as it can move more freely inside and at least not be stuck under a bit of loose SAP?

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    I usually have this issue when I have a doubler inserted, as it tends to swell more than the actual diaper. It will put quite a bit of pressure on those areas, and I tend not to stay in them for long. It does get painful after a while.

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