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Thread: What type of cars you All like

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    Default What type of cars you All like

    Well topic says it all. What type of cars do you all like.

    1 Make Model, motor size and hp and such.

    2 Reason why you like that type of car

    3 0-60

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    1 Well for me I always Like the Nissan/Datsun 240z or higher. My frist Z was a 1985 280zxt 2.8lt inline 6 motor 200hp Stick. Had to sell it when I started having seziures in 2000 :S.

    2 I love the Look of the car and the looks from people who seen a Datsun Z.

    3 Forgot it was a while ago.

    Well being seziures free for a few years I got my frist car in 10 years

    1 Saab 900se 2.0lt turbo inline 4 185hp automatic 1997. Ran great. But was reared a few months ago totaled. Ya I was pisssed. Yes I am still sore from the accident.

    2 It was a Saab and had a strange color. Like if you look at in different angles it would be different colors. Like to midnight blue to a deep forest green and for a 4 banger it had power.

    3 0-60 Due to the automatic It did not have a great 0-60. I think something like 7.5 seconds mybe higher.

    1 Saab 9-3 Convertable stick. Blown motor 2.0lt turbo 205hp. The mechanic put in a 2.3 Lt Viggen Motor 225hp both still 4 bangers. I am buying it asap. When I get the check from the accident from my other saab

    2 It a convertable.

    3 Well reading up on the saab 9-3 saabs 2.0lt 205hp tend to hit 0-60 6.7 seconds. The Saab 9-3 Viggens Tend to get around 6.1 seconds. So my guess because it a convertable they tend to be heavier then the normal models. I will see 6.2 seconds 0-60.

    One more note on the two Saabs I got them both from the same Mechanic :P.

    Ack if I seen the one tread I would of posted on there.
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