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Thread: Bye!!!

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    Default Bye!!!

    not sure wat to say.......
    ill make it simple.
    i dont like the way some people here act, and i dont like the way that we are restricted on what we can say and cant say.
    there are mature threads, and there should be a mature irc chat.

    trust me not many people here know what im talking bout. most people that i talk to can probably make out half of it at the most. im not going into details because i dont want to spark things up. u guys have a good thing going here, unfortunately there are things that i dont agree with, and i alone cant change things because some people here are stubborn.

    just wanted to say i love u guys, i really do (and i am tearing up as i write this) and alot of u guys are like family to me, i will comeback is things change but i see that as extreamly unlikely.

    feel free to im me on msn ( [email protected] ) or email me. ill try to check my emails ( [email protected] )


    Thanks, and bye.... :'(


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    Why leave if you don't want to. >.> Doesn't make any sense to me.


    Just caught up in IRC. Jesus, because you were told to stfu with your messages, now you're going to leave? Oh and you were kicked for spamming.

    I'm sorry Rene but seeing this:

    [00:07] <Rene> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
    [23:52] <Rene> omfG!!!!!!!!!!
    [23:43] <Rene> Use MS WORD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [23:25] <Rene> ...............cho.........
    [23:25] <Rene> ..........................................ho...... ......
    [23:25] <Rene> ........................................o......... .........
    [23:42] <Rene> NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [23:42] <Rene> KEF KEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [23:03] <Rene> KIIIIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!

    Seeing that constantly REALLY gets on my nerves. I even politely asked you to stop it today, and you disregarded my request. If you can't have respect for others, then I don't know how you expect to have it back.

    Anyhow, have fun with your little temper trantrum.

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    so long rene. i still don't understand your reasons for leaving, and i think it's a pretty stupid idea, and silly of you to create a big dramatic thread about it. i hope you'll realize how ridiculous you're being and decide to come back. i'm sure a mod would happily lock this thread and everyone could just forget all about it....

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    Bye renegade-a have fun ill miss you...hope you came back later this yr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    See you later in a couple days.
    Oh gosh you just made me laugh so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Oh gosh you just made me laugh so hard.
    Thanks Mandi

    Anyway I don't get it why that every time someone get piss off they have to created a thread saying that their leaving forever which always ends up in drama. What the point of it, I mean you probably get more respect leaving quietly then creating drama on your way out. Here some advice, just think about it because probably tomorrow or the day after that you be back like nothing happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    i'm sure a mod would happily lock this thread and everyone could just forget all about it....
    What thread? *closed*

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