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Thread: Diapers with the best scent

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    Default Diapers with the best scent

    Which disposable diapers have the best scent and which ones are different from others?

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    For me, it's a tie between Pampers Baby Dry and Pampers Easy-Ups. I bought my first Easy-Ups only very recently, and found that they use a scent very similar to the one Pampers was using in the 1990's--really takes me back!

    But, in short: Pampers!

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    As far as actual baby diapers, definatly Pampers... I use Super Dry's from ABuniverse, and I order them "sented". However I have used Johnsons powder, Luv's wipes, and even showered with Johnsons Baby Soap to achive the "Aroma Therapy" that most of us here are on a constant quest for. Beleive me, aroma adds to the experience! Before I started ordering sented diapers, I used to to take a Luvs brand wipe, (cuz they are the best smelling ones in my opinion) and open the diaper and place the wipe inside it then fold it back and let it absorb the wonderfull sent of the wipe for about a day, or overnite... actualy I prepared about 3 or 4 of them at a time this way so I always had sented ones availible to me at any time.

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    Luvs, hands down. They still have that original Pampers scent from the 1980s. I don't think Pampers Baby-Dry have a scent at all these days. Maybe my sniffer is broken!

    As for adult diapers, I don't think any brands have a signature scent anymore except for the added scents ABU applies. Attends (when Proctor & Gamble made them) used to smell very nice, as did Kendall Wings, but that was back in the mid- to late-'90s.

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    doesn't a generous amount of scented baby powder do it for you?

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    But baby powder resolves the unscented issues in other diapers.

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    In the mid to late 90's I used to LOVE the scent of the plastic backed Luvs baby diapers.

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    Luvs all the way, they have that nostalgic baby diaper scent that I have been searching tirelessly for. Though I wonder if the luvs baby wipes smell the same o_0

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlguy4life View Post
    In the mid to late 90's I used to LOVE the scent of the plastic backed Luvs baby diapers.
    I bought several bags of Luvs for myself during the last years I lived with my parents (early 90's), and it was all I could do to hide the scent! Today, they are still the most strongly-scented diapers you'll find in the grocery store aisle, without a doubt!

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