Hi everyone! My name is Brianna. Well, not really, I'm a dude, but you've got to call me something, right? This isn't my first time to ADISC, I had an account (N64Player) here years ago when I first started worrying about the fact that I'm an AB/DL, and sort of fell off again once I had started to accept myself. Since I can no longer access that account, nor the email address that spawned it, I decided to start fresh!

I suppose you could say I'm on a sort of AB/DL sabbatical right now -- I'm taking summer classes at college, and not only do I not have any roommates, but I also don't even know anyone on campus! So for the next month I'll be able to really dive head first into the AB/DL lifestyle for the first time using in more then a year! I'm hoping that it'll make me more comfortable with myself as a person.

But enough about diapers, right? I'm an economics major attending a medium sized university on the east coast. I absolutely love to debate politics and economic policy so I would be ecstatic to get a job doing just that! I'm also a pretty big fan of video games, although all the class work i'm getting has limited my play-time recently.

Nice to meet you!

EDIT: Also, how do I add a profile pic? I seem to have forgotten. Thanks for the help!
EDIT2: Leave it to me to find the profile picture setting immediately after editing -_-