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Thread: I apologize

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    Default I apologize

    Okay I apologize to the whole ADISC community and to Fallen it was wrong to call you the f-word and I also apologize to any other users that were offended can you please give me another chance

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    You can PM people saying your sorry or say sorry in the topic that you offended people in. Doing a topic like this only makes people like me (who had no idea what you did/said) aware of the situation. I looked up your most recent posts and found what you were talking about. So really just say sorry in that topic, don't make people aware of the bad things you did. People here seam to neg rep comments that been neg reped to death. I seen a person fall maybe 8 points for ONE post. Really 1 or 2 is enough to get the point across. If anything was worthy of getting knocked down by 5-10 points then it might just be time to get out the temp ban hammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    He cannot i think.
    Right you are Valerye and to send a user a Private Message you have to go to your profile page which I cannot access because I am moded

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    Babyboy89 you must remember the golden rule. Always put your brain gear before putting your mouth or typing fingers in motion. And always remember if you wont say it to their face then don't say it here or over the Internet. Oh by the way I forgive you too even though I don't know you.

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    Edit -

    Actually, I have this to say along with GTFO.

    Babyboy89, yet again you have proven to me that you are but a dumbf*ck.
    Seem familiar? Yeah, bite me.

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    Um... okay what does gtfo mean

    Okay you got your revenge now lets just put all this behind us and forget about it
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    Eh, people make stupid mistakes. I don't really care as long as people apologize, unless it was really bad. But okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babyboy89 View Post
    Um... okay what does gtfo mean
    It means Get The **** Out

    a very helpful site: Abbreviations and acronyms dictionary: Find definitions for over 4,219,000 abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms (not that I didn't know this but if you don't it can be useful)

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    Thanks Martin the site you linked is very helpful ^_^

    How long does a user stay on moderation?
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