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Thread: Planning On Making a Furry Sleeper

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    Default Planning On Making a Furry Sleeper

    After I recover from my recently sustained injuries I received in a car crash I am planning to design and make a footed sleeper like one I had as a young child.

    It had thick fur on the outside with a hood and a tail that made me look like a fox. The one I had when I was young was Zip Up in the front but I am thinking of going with buttons, and adding a butt flap for diaper changes. Also instead of cotton/cloth on the inside I'm going to have really soft Fleace material for the added warmth and comfort. I'll probably make the tail longer as well.

    How do you guys think it will turn out? Any Reccomendations or places I could just buy something like this?

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    Firstly, I'd like to hope you're recovering well
    buying a furry footed sleeper would be a long shot from a store so yo'd probably have to make one yourself.
    *Please note that I'm not from USA and I don't know what they sell in your area*
    It sounds really cute and I think I want one!!! You could either start from scratch or you could buy a footed sleeper and glue fur on the outside
    But if you're glueing fur on the outside, then it could end up being all messy

    I don't know really, truth be known
    Anakin Furlover

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    That sounds like a cute idea! if I were you i'd get fur from here: Fabric Depot
    (just type fur in the search box)

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    go get a pattern at walmart look in there pattern book coustums i think most fur suiters use this pattern to sew one up with like 10 dollars

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