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    I eally like the avitars of diapers on folk's callout. I am looking for an avitar of a hiker or athelete -type with a diaper and plastic pants. Cartoon is fine (and probably better). Any guidance (or links to offer?). I have sampled the internet but did not see anything remotely connected (disposibles seem to be the favorite unfortunately). Thanks

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    if you can't find something you like, you can always commission one and get exactly what you want. or maybe that's a good idea even if you do find an "ok" one online. Lots of starving artists out here. (tavimonk comes immediately to mind, I like most of his work, but he's mostly furries)

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    you could hit up deviantart; that'd be my first thought.
    if you don't mind furries, then there are lots of people on FA (that's who take commissions, and occasionally you'll see some for free. (expect to pay around $7-$10 for an icon commission)

    one that comes to mind is Tavimunk, who is also a user here. He does some great cute pics

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    Thanks for the leads! Will hit the targets suggested / recommended when I return from a trip in about 2 weeks. Thanks again!

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    marci is the other one i see do a lot of DF avatars for. Both marci and tavimonk are well known for good quality commissioned drawings. I know tavi is active at deviant art, not sure where marci hangs out.

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