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    Well th other day i got the sample packs of cloth and plastic backed cushies. I'm loving them as of now, but last night was a true dl moment for me. I went to bad with a cushie on semi wet, I woke up feeling cold with an extremely soaked cushie and some wet blankets. Even if the diaper leaked it made me feel very babyish

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    hmm :/ yeah cushies are meant more for play not for heavy wetting, other wise they just leak everywhere.

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    they are less leaky if you add a little grey tape at the bottom. I also trim an inch or so off the ends since they have around 2" of non padded shell on each end. (larges)

    They also can be a little cheaper than some of the higher end "premium" diapers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfdawn137 View Post
    hmm :/ yeah cushies are meant more for play not for heavy wetting, other wise they just leak everywhere.
    Something I learned when I first got into cushies, but I still love them

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    Hmmm, I dont seem to have much leaking problems with cushies. If they leak at all its after a prolonged time of wetting (5-6 hours). I wear the cloth covered ones to bed. No problems ever, and I have absolutely no bladder control.

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    I often like to make the comparison of disposable diapers and alkaline batteries. Abenas are like Ray-O-Vac, Bambinos are Duracell. Molicares are Energizer, Attends are Eveready, and Tena is Maxell. The Cushies and SDK are the equivalent of IKEA, RCA or KODAK brand batteries. Cheaply made, they're designed to look appealing to consumers, they don't hold a lot and they easily leak.

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