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    hi, i'm philippe , i'm from belgium, and i've been a submissive and a DL all my adult life . It has not been alaways easy , as for most DLs i guess but Im' now wearing 24/7 , it has become part of me and i have learned to accept it .
    It has made me lonely for many years ,especially at the beginning where i thought i was a freak and alone in my taste . I was lucky to meet a pervy dominant woman who taught me a lot (and made me her toy) . If internet had existed in the 70s ,my life might have been different , but hey , such is life,
    anyway, glad i found this site that seems serious and friendly

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC. It's nice to hear you've found the right partner and accepted yourself well - both things some members struggle with.
    To help us get to know you better, what interests do you have outside of the the ABDL lifestyle? Favourite sport, book, film, colour or anything you'd like to tell us! Take some time to look round and you'll find threads about all sorts that might interest you. Enjoy your time here.

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    thks for the nice welcom, it's more her who found me than the other way around, but it sure feels nice to be with her . My other tastes are mostly reading, novels and history , some sci fi movies and books , and now and then i try and go for some sport (mostly swimming) . I 'm oN the net a fair bit of time ,but with some rules to follow from my partner .
    So far i've found this place quite nice and warm,

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