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Thread: "New" Depends product

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    Default "New" Depends product

    So I got the courage to go out and spend my hard-earned cash on these. At first I wasn't 100% sure what they were. I almost panicked when I couldn't find "Maximum Protection" at my local Shoppers. However, I figured they must be the same or a similar replacement product. What could possibly be all that different? Ok so I get these home and take one out. It seems to all be the same old. However upon opening it up I immediately noticed the whole thing seemed...thinner. Not just limited to the padding, but even the plastic itself seemed far thinner. Now I had no issues getting it on, but when I adjusted how everything fit, I ripped a small piece off the back, just trying to pull the waist up. This hasn't happened before. Then once it was on, I definitely noticed a difference in the padding thickness. Not a world of difference, they were never that thick to begin with, but certainly noticeable. Now I'm sure I'm not the only who has bought this "new" product, and I'm sure someone will blurt out that "Depends doesn't make a good product" but they have worked for far. Did I buy a "reject" package, or has Depends seriously gone this far downhill? Please tell me they are not all this crappy lol.

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    Sounds like that's where the industry is headed. Anything in stores is made for dribbles and to be discreet, not for anything serious. That seems to have all shifted to the online market. People-that-live-with-their parents-that-wear-diapers-without-the parents-knowing is a surprisingly small group, and so companies don't really seem to care. They also tend to be too poor anyway to buy "high-quality" stuff anyway. Most adults buying incontinence products want to change at the slightest dribble, so thickness isn't really necessary. I will probably only get worse.

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    really the best thing if you want good thick diapers is to get online and get any of the usual recommended good brands. Diaper selection in local stores usually stinks.

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    I just tested out the new depends last night, boy you weren't kidding how bad they have gotten. Just barely wetting it caused a leak. I guess thats why its best to use a booster or baby diaper inside it or a second depend.

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    Now I don't want to judge too hard but from what I heard you can't depend on depends.
    (See what I did there?) I've heard a lot about leaks and stuff in that category, and the consumers
    mostly don't lie about a product.(especially *B/DL's don't lie about it.)


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    Depends are my last resort. I only ever wear them anymore if I am out of all my other diapers and I still have a few days for them to arrive. I always have to double up and add a booster, they are not made for serious incontinence. Even Attends Extendend Wear are much better than Depends Max Protection! By far one of the worst products on the market now, and they used to be somewhat respectable.

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    I'm happy to receive someone elses input here. Thanks especially Matty. So its not just me. They have gotten worse. I have to say, they did not leak on me, but I didnt exactly have a full bladder. I think only once did the old ones leak on me, and yea I was flooding so I figured out not to do thay anymore. I get the feeling the new ones won't work nearly as well as the old ones. I suppose now I have no choice but to order online :3.

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    Your best bet for finding decent diapers in store is to look up medical stores near you. CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid don't count.

    I switched to the CVS/Walgreens store brand a while ago and they work pretty well for me. I can't trust wetting them lying down unless I'm wearing plastic pants though. However at $0.45 a diaper or less I don't mind changing somewhat frequently if I have free time and I am relaxing.

    Looking into trying the molicare premium soft extra when I get a good window to ship a package to my house, which should be coming up soon. They look like they are going to run me about $1 a diaper but so far I have heard only good things about them.

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    Hey guys I'll chime in cause I have the answer for once we I do some of the automation for the kimberly clark plant that produces a portion of the diaper fluff and also has a few lines dedicated to adult diaper production and the machinery used to pack and seal the fitted briefs is under a overhaul right now I'm not sure if there revamping the line or modifying tye existing product but the reason at least here in CA that the fitted briefs aren't on the shelf is that there not being made in this factory currently I'm not sure if the machine overhaul if to have it produce the new underwear style depends or not but that's the state of the diapers currently hopefully when I go back over the next few weeks to finish some conveours and a reprogramming slots in there computer I can see what will be running on there machines

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