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Thread: Hi Hi Bren Bren Here.

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    Default Hi Hi Bren Bren Here.

    Hello, My name is Bren/Bren-Bren/Brennie/Brenna I am 16 years old, I have black hair which is usually brown but I dyed it. I have Brownish black eyes! I love to cam and skype/google+, aswell as roleplay, and Im a lonely wittle submissive girl. Kinda lost on this website so yea! hope this was a good introduction! Thats about it...

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    Well welcome to our great little community and i hope you can have the same great experiances me and others have had while were here

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    Bren's one of my best friends! I hope you have fun here bren~
    your joining a lot of sites lately, always looking for new friends .

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    Hey! What else can you tell us about yourself? Hobbies, interests, etc...? What do you like to role play as? Anything we should know about you?

    Maybe we can Skype sometime

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    Hello um im kinda hermit rofl, so I dont have many hobbies.. :P I like to draw and read manga thats kinda a hobbie I rp like a crazy person I mean I dont rp a crazy person I just rp alot. I am usually a neko, either baby or the adult depends on my mood. I work at the local pet shop.. um um... thats about alls i can says atm.

    would love to skype sometime.

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    hey welcome! I also love rp? Think we could talk on yahoo or skype at some time? <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teia View Post
    hey welcome! I also love rp? Think we could talk on yahoo or skype at some time? <3
    I would love to, let me send you a pm!

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    nvm.. nvm cant pm [removed]
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    Hi Bren, and welcome to adisc. It's lovely to hear from someone who is so accepting of this side of herself at such a young age. I'm actually a little envious - I wish I could have embraced my kinks and oddities a few years ago when I was your age, and saved myself years of wasted effort trying to suppress them. You must be truly wise

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