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Thread: Going to adult video stores

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    Default Going to adult video stores

    I'm curious as to what folks think of adults video stores? Would or do you go frequently to take care of business? Is it to dirty? Would you wear your diapers there? Would really be curious to see how honest people would be with this topic. It's seems as most would be too embarrassed to maturely discuss. Is this a bad moral thing?

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    I don't know anybody that uses adult video stores.

    The problem is there's so many things you can find on the internet for free to...uh...take care of business with, that there's no need for it.

    As for morally wrong, I guess if you're in the group that thinks porn is wrong it would be. But its no different than looking at porn on the internet. Except pay for it.

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    I saw so many billboards on my drive from Ohio to Florida that I'm pretty sure I walked into some other world. They just start springing up, it's weird. Regardless, I don't care who uses one. I believe they're a business, so they have a right to stay. Like the post above me, it's just like using the internet for porn, although you're paying and using a DVD or VCR.

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    Funny thing happend several months back I'd been to simply pleasure (an adult toy and DVD store) then a week later the assistant came into where I work and I had to serve her, just seven day after she gave me advice on a prostate toy!!!!!!

    Now that was embarrassing!!

    Daft thing is now both of the sex shops in town are run by women they are now both MY regular customers!!!

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    I don't think there's a point to adult video stores these days, since like the others said, there's so much available online. And even if you want to buy actual movies, you might as well watch previews and then order online.... I guess if you want the physical DVD though and you can't have it delivered, it makes sense. I think adult toy shops are still useful for that purpose, and because being able to see the thing you're buying in person is a little more helpful for toys.

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    Back in the 80s I frequented adult video and novety shops resonably often but with the internet there is no need, I can see or buy anything with little or no embaressment.

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    Well, there's probably no more video stores where I live anymore since my local Blockbuster shut down a couple of months ago. Several years back, a small mom and pop video store where my local Chipotle now resides closed down and the town's movie theater was also closed in summer 2005 to make room for a Gold's Gym. Pretty much nothing but Redbox and Netflix. No thanks to them; I'm much better off buying very obscure Linnea Quigley movies from the 1980s online on VHS. Yeah, Quigley was the big scream queen back in the 1980s and 90s but is still in good shape as of today, still starring in and making horror movies. In fact, I've seen portions of her Horror Workout video from 1990 online on Youtube.

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    Yes, I don't think we have video stores in Lynchburg any more, but back in the day I saw a few. I think one was called, "The Postman Bangs Twice" or something horrible like that. Apparently, Cindy was having a party and everyone came! They're ridiculous of course. There's a prominent movie director, I forget who know, who on a talk show, discussed how his first experiences was helping to direct porn movies, which was his start in the business. His comment was that you couldn't believe the smell.

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    I have been to an "adult store" here on a couple of occasions. They have a really nice one here called "Nancy's Nook". The first time I went in it was with a couple of my girlfriends. We were getting "props" for one of our other friends bachelorette party. They have all types of gag gifts as well as "toys" movies and lingerie.
    It is a very classy place and the women that work there will help you find the perfect item whether it is a nice piece of lingerie or a very scary looking vibrator to help pass those lonely nights. I used to feel real dirty going in there but now I don't.
    Some of the posts I have seen say to buy it on the internet but there is a much better chance of not only enjoying the "toy" you bought but understanding the "correct" way to use it if you get the personal help from another woman that has used it before.

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    There are a few here in Oregon and they have booths, but I feel dirty, perverted, not normal just entering the store. But I don't like porn or watching it in the house due to having a child. There you can take care business and leave, is that bad?

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