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Thread: Vegetarians??

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    Default Vegetarians??

    Just wondering if there are any other non meat eaters out there.
    I have been a lacto ovo vegetarian for almost 5 years now. I never ate much meat when I did and it was always something I wanted to try. So I did and it stuck. My daughter is also a lacto ovo veggie and doesn't know any other way of life, I switched her when she was 2 and is almost 7 now.
    Figured if there are veggies and paci lovers out there I'd love to hear from you

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    I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian too, though I temporarily became a pescetarian kinda out of necessity when I was abroad. I think I've been doing this for about six years?

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    The only thing I have missed is sushi. My husband and I talk about what I will eat when we go to Japan, I may have to eat fish, how could I not in an amazing place like that!

    I discovered I have a B12 deficiency and has caused weight issues. I inject B12 but still have very low levels, been struggling with deciding to eat fish. Makes me sad even thinking about it though. My husband and friends are all behind me in any choice I make but they are pushing me to try. Who knows what will happen.

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    Personally, I hardly ate meat. I hated buying it, touching it and cooking it. I ate boneless skinless chicken breast once or twice a month and the odd steak or beef jerky a few times a year. So I figured why not give it up completely. Plus there are lots of "extras" in meat that we should not be injesting like hormones and antibiotics.

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    I totally do the vegetarian thing. However, I do make an exception to the rule. I do not force my vegetarian lifestyle or choices on to other people. If I am invited to a dinner at someone's house and they choose to serve meat, I will eat it. I refuse to be rude to someone who chooses to host me, feed me, and provide entertainment. I will eat what is put in front of me. Other than that, I do not prepare any meat for myself or order it at restaurants.

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    As for why, it's mostly a moral thing for me. I'm in favor of minimizing suffering for sentient/feeling creatures when possible. I don't get terribly bent out of sorts if I accidentally eat some meat, or if I discover I've eaten something made with meat broth or fish sauce, because it's not like that specific animal would have lived if I hadn't had some. The important thing for me is to try to reduce overall meat consumption, and, more importantly, reduce the society-wide demand for meat products.

    The health benefits are nice too, though it comes at the cost of having to work a little harder to make sure one doesn't get anemic or otherwise malnourished.

    I'd be more okay with eating meat if it could be acquired without horrible things like factory farming, like maybe if it was grown at a lab unattached to a feeling nervous system, or if we could thoroughly ensure "humane" treatment of animals. Being picky about one's food sources (yes, that video is satire) is an alternative, but at this point I still think it's important to reduce overall demand for meat; and I don't like meat enough to go through the effort to verify its sources.

    (Given the above reasons, the fact that I eat dairy products is a little problematic, but, eh.... this post is already long enough.)

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    If I said that I couldn't afford to bee a veggie, would you guys rip me to pieces?

    The only meat that I eat at this present moment in time is two slices of honey roast Ham. The company that make it claim to be as animal friendly as one can be, when fattening up an animal and killing it to feed people.

    I looked into vegetarianism for JUST ME and it almost doubled the amount of the FAMILY shopping bill, for one week. Something I most definitely cannot afford....

    IF I could afford to be a veggie, I most probably would, I couldn't be vegan though, I get through 1 - 2 pints of milk a day - I can only bear milk when it is very flavoured, I've heard that soya and other "non-animal" milks taste really strongly of different things... I couldn't have "nutty" flavoured strawberry milkshake...

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    People eat waaayy too much meat now. I like the fact that I am not contributing to mistreatment of animals during their short stay on our planet. Luckily here in Canada our farming practices are much different than in the USA. I buy local eggs and and meat my husband eats comes from a trusted company or a friend's farm.
    I have never expect anyone to make anything special for me to eat when going to their house. I have awesome friends who do this anyways They eat the way they want and I respect that and they respect how I eat.
    For me being veggie is not expensive. My daughter and I eat about $30-$50 in groceries per week.

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    IMHO, those that claim to be vegetarian, but then say "but I do eat meat when...." it's rubbish, you totally defeat the object of being a vegetarian!

    There is NO in between, you either ARE or ARE NOT.

    Not eating meat does not strictly make you a vegetarian either, a vegetarian does not eat meat because of the animal, or the process of killing them, or something typically do with the whole animals are not on this planet to serve us scenario.. just because you don't "like" meat, doesn't make you a real vegetarian... those of you that say "I'm vegetarian but I eat meat when..." you are NOT vegetarians! For a REAL vegetarian there IS NO COMPROMISE. Stat! :banghead:

    As for "pescatarian" (sp) that was just made up by some stupid person that wanted to claim being veggie, kind to the animals, but couldn't give up their fish! :p

    I'm not against vegetarians, don't get me wrong, I'm just so frustrated when people try to make out that they are tree hugging, animal loving, vegetarians, then they come out with "but I do eat meat when..." BS! :banghead:

    This is the ONLY time you'll see me anything other than quiet and polite... it's just something that really "gets my goat"

    Am I on my own here, or do some of you guys agree with me?

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