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    Ok so these last few days I have been sleep deprive ... Well these last few weeks actually and the only time I get a full nights rest is when I watch my blind grandfather and spend the night. N last night was not one of them so I only got a 60min rest and then after a while I fell asleep around 7 this morning and my mom woke me from my door around 9 and didn't move till half an hour later after she left and when I moved the bed was wet and I thought it was sweat till I noticed it was really wet and then I jump up and noticed that I wet the bed. And I never have wet the bed in my life. Plus last night I was stressed cuz I have to get all my scholarships and applications in before next week and some of them I still haven't sent in so I was worried about that. N like I said I have never wet the bed before. Should I be worried or should I just try to stay calm. Haven't told my parents anything so the bedding is in a plastic bag n I will take it to the laundry mat tomorrow. Oh and how do u clean per stains n smell from a mattress... It's only a onesided mattress so I can't flip it over. Also is this something I should tell my parents about? Thanks if u took the time to read and comment. Furthermore I did this from my iphone so Srry for any errors

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    I've not had an experience of wetting the bed (well, not since I was little anyway), but I'd just carry on how you are unless it worries you or keeps happening, at which point I'd consider wearing goodnites/drynites to bed, at least until the stress goes away.

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