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Thread: Being Well Padded !

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    Default Being Well Padded !

    Does anyone else like the feeling of extremely thick nappies?
    I have always worn varios nappies for bedwetting, usually Tena Slip Maxi or Molicare Super, but having ran out last week, I had to resort to some spare shaped nappies without tapes.
    What I done was to put one inside a pair of Abena pull-ups and then pull them on, I covered these in my usual plastic pants.
    The feeling was immense having so much soft bulky nappy down there.
    I repeated this the following night after having had a number of beers and there was no leaks, but when I got out of bed in the morning and looked in the mirror, my nappy looked huge ! sagging just like a babies.
    I have ordered my usual taped nappies but also now another pack of shaped that I will wear on special nights.
    The feeling was lovely.

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    im well padded right now..
    Tena slip maxi with a booster

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    yup i woke up in a dry 24 7 and im gonna stay diapered till work on sunday.
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    I wore dry 24/7 Monday night and I ended up soaking it and it was probably the thickest I ever had between my legs, I think all the padding was used.

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    To add some serious bulk I like to get my thickest plastic diapers on then layer it with one or two cloth diapers, all in my plastic pants.

    Waddle everywhere! :P

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    I love the feeling of being thickly padded- a diaper inside a large pull-up is the best feeling for me, though it's more of a treat for myself than a regular thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexShrike View Post
    though it's more of a treat for myself than a regular thing.
    I know what you mean...I only have a few pampers that i found, I only use them for a special reason. Each time I wear um, I feel different. It's like a special little treat!
    I don't really use them as stuffers cause my depends aren't cute enough and it just makes me feel sad again.

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    I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but just like in the stories, I love to try and put multiple diapers on to the point where you can barely close your legs together. Of course there is the issue of expense when you’re dead broke. Personally, I wish I could get my hands on one of these: [removed]
    This way, not only could I achieve the feeling I’m looking for, but I can also feel helpless like a real infant. Hey, one can dream right?
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    I'm looking forward to getting some m4s which seem like they are really padded. There is nothing quite like a really thick nappy!

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    what are the thickest diapers around? looking to order some soon!

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