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    does anyone know where to get a really good RC car

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    If it was 10 years ago I could tell you- I used to be lord of the RC cars.

    I would start with Ehobbies, Browse around there, they tend to have a pretty good selection. That or any other hobbie site or something.

    I wouldn't go to the stores, they generally only have the cheap ones that break after you use em twice.

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    I've got a couple of HPI Hellfire truggies, and has had good prices on repair parts. (hitting hard objects head on is not good for the suspension, BTW) I have not ordered the parts I need yet, but I will after I get paid this week.

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    a GOOD rc car will be more expensive, naturally.
    the ones in stores will be cheaper, but like anything, you get what you pay for.

    look around for hobby stores in your area, they'll be carrying rc cars and rc planes most of the time. getting set up with either is going to be at least several hundred dollars, and i believe that most rc cars are nitro (gas powered) rather than electric, so you'll be dealing with small combustion engines, etc.
    electric is also an option. Grayson Hobbies deals a lot with electric, both ground and air.
    there are lots of other online stores; too many to name right now, but a quick google search should come up with a few.

    good luck

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    I can't tell you where to find a good one (unless you're planning to move to new Zealand) but are you planning on getting electric, nitro or petrol. Electric will most likely be a cheaper initial investment but battery power can limit play time. Nitro is a good option but fuel is expensive. Petrol will cost the most but compared to nitro the fuel is cheap as chips. Also remember for the liquid fueld ones you need to buy a lot of extra kit like a starter, glow plug heater (for nitro) and fuel containers.

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    What kind of RC car do you want? Offroad/on-road, Buggy/truck/car/Monster truck, Gas or electric.

    I suggest you start with a Traxxas cars or trucks, they can come Ready to Run, are built strong and have lots over aftermarket parts that bolt right on.

    If you want a really good one you have to get a Kit car like a team associated RC10R5 that is electric powers and is stupid fast with the right motor Or a SC10 4x4 for off road. But these i not ment to just run around in your back yard, They are ment for the tracks as braking a part can lead to long down times as you need to but new ones and fix it.

    One website i shopped from was Tower Hobbies - Best Source for Radio Control ( R/C or RC ) Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Boats and Helicopters

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