Hey people. First of all i am not really that good to introduction, but i want to tell you what kind of person I am, first of all my english are not my main language. I like all kind of things but I am mostly into innovating art stuff. Like unique art styles-new stories with unique twists, fantasy worlds with good creating universes and music, games.

Right now I got a job and I love it. i wouldn’t say I have to many friends that I can share to much with.

But overall my life has never been unreasonable. Which is why it confuses me insanely why I have this fetish. I kind of developed it in my teenage. I think somehow I have to understand I always been a person that hates myself, or dislike everything I do. And then suddenly I develop a wishing to have complete in-mobility, it would be worse than dying and a fitting end to my life conclusion. As the failure I see myself as.
Regarding the fetish I love the idea, I love the stories on the forum. But I have never taken the change to do it in real life. And I probably never will. Unless I am forced. However that’s it people.

I wanted to introduce me because I feel this place has a mature community and I love the idea that all people on this community is “forced” to introduce and come out of the shell with their thoughts.
It would be sad to say I wouldn’t have more to say. but it sure is glad to get this out and share it with whoever comes by, In regards to why i joined adisc, i want to find out what people do to live with there fetishes and i love reading the stories, and would like to respond positively and supportive regarding those. i am so happy i am not alone here. but it still freaks me out.

Which is why some of the stories really do get my head spinning with thoughts, and ideas why did this happen it feels like a good way to fix things. and its self damaging to live with your feelings and not sharing or getting them out, thats why i joined Adisc to get to share my feelings. get them out debate, understand, would be cool to find friends to. but thats not the major reason i joined. Thanks for reading all this. and i do apologise for the grammars-punctuation and word misspelling.
Btw I am a male. In my early adulthood.