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    Hi everyone.

    i few years ago i was in a car accident, it was pretty bad, some people died and everything.
    i have been trying to have driving lessons for a while now (i never drove before), but everytime i start driving the images of the accident come into my head and can't do it, i just go home and cry.
    i would like to know if there's any one here who have been through the same and how to overcome that fear of get into a car again.

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    Well, first, the only person who can help with this is a psychiatrist.

    However, I have a similar feeling, but I've always been quite fearful of driving myself, my heart races every time I get behind the wheel. Now I no longer have my learners, because I let it expire. After getting into a fairly bad accident I never realized any difference, but now I just don't ever want to drive... Although, I know, that I just have no choice but to do it.

    I think the only way you could get over this is by slowly working your way into it. Drive in a safe closed area, and keep driving until you slowly begin to feel better about it. Slowly push your limits and boundaries, if at any point you start getting scared again immediately stop, and go back to your house. There is no reason to push yourself all the way at once!

    I hope that you overcome the fear, I think that if you want to bad enough you can do it

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    Similar happened to me when i was younger. i was in a friends car and his mother was a terrible driver, her tyre burst we crashed and she died my friend was in a coma for ages. Today he lives in wales and we still say hi to each other and visit when we can. but this experiece made me want to drive and be an excellent driver too so i did my lessons read the highway code did anticipation courses and the Pass plus course, im also a tyre fitter. Instead of having the momories and suffering i turned them around and made myself stronger, i feel that being an 'excellent' driver i can avoid hurting others and being a tyre fitter means that i can help other be safe by making sure they stick to the road. I can only hope that with your friends around you and with a strong mind, over time you can take controll of your feelings, pass the test and be the best hun. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you guys for share you experiences with me , i'm feeling a bit stronger now and i decided to have driving lessons again, will start next month, i hope it goes well this time.

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    I was always scared of driving, still am in fact. I only still have a learners permit but I've been in most of the standard fare asides freeways which honestly isn't as big of a deal as say driving on a main, multi-lane road with lights and sidewalks.

    My sister died in a car accident and I was in a rollover accident back in summer of 2008. None of these things really increased my fear of driving, notably I've been worried about everyone else rather then me. So I am pretty vigilant about everything while i'm driving. But that makes a issue with me constantly checking my rear view mirror.

    However, I must say once I start to drive little bit little I realized it's not nearly as bad as I thought. However i'm still paranoid when i'm about to drive and when im first doing it but it *does* get easier.

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    I loved driving when I started... The sense of freedom and excitement of being "in control" gradully became less and less, and as the years went by the novelty wore off. I would be absolutely furious and would shake with rage at the reckless, careless and downright dangerous driving of others.

    It's hard not to want to drag someone out of a car and punch them in the face when they've slid sideways round a roundabout at 80mph, nearly taking off the front of your car, causing pedestrians to run for their life, and then continue at double the speed limit in rush-hour traffic swerving into oncoming traffic... Grrrr!!! I don't know how people can have so little regard for others' lives, let alone theirs.

    I'd always been a safe driver and had never been involved in an accident, so I was a little shaken when (after ten years without so much as clipping wing mirrors) I wrote off the car on the motorway. I was provided with a rental car while the insurance claim was sorted out, but after I gave it back I had no interest in driving again whatsoever. So I didn't. And I'm much less stressed now!

    Obviously, there's no need to drive if you don't want to. Only about half of my friends drive (although some live in London, so they probably wouldn't drive even if they had a licence). You just need to weigh up the benefits it will bring and balance them with the costs.

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    im pleased you are going to try again hun, thumbs up, keep us updated how you get on

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