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Thread: Am I Back?

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    Exclamation Am I Back?

    Who knows.

    But, gah! I'm so sorry you guys! I thought I would be coming back later on, but I didn't! Everything has been so topsy-turvey lately. Matter of fact, I don't even know what's been happening lately. Perhaps an explanation?

    Well, so I finally did it during February. I got myself some diapers. Pull-ups more exactly, but they stilled worked. So, I tried them on and enjoyed them for the day...and I did the worst thing possible. I felt so, weird and embarrassed, but that wasn't the problem. What I didn't do was go to the community and talked to you guys. I dunno why, but now I regret it. I missed so much! So sorry everyone.

    So is this a welcoming or a goodbye? Most likely a welcoming, but I won't be on for, like every day. Every week or so, I believe. I'll try and become a regular user again, and heck! Maybe I can try and write again! :-D

    Hope to see you all later!

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    Why hello and welcome back you dont know meh but anyways good to have you back

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    Kinda confused what you are saying happened, but welcome back

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    Welcome back, Angelicus! Good to see you post again. Hope things work out in the future so you can be on fairly regularly.


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    Glad you're back man, I hope you will still writing, your "young again" stories are my younger TB/DL life.

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    *Hugs Angelicus*

    First of all, congrats on getting diapers!
    Glad to see you back, don't be disappearing again!

    (And I hope you do write again, I enjoyed your stories. )

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    Welcome back, former members are always welcome back! It's good to see you around again.

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