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Thread: odd/funny messages online

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    Default odd/funny messages online

    well as I was looking through my xbox messages today I found some very odd messages I had forgot about. Some were just wierd and some very offenceive(dont ask)

    But I want to know do u all get them too? Post them if u wish. I thought it might be a bit of fun

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    I got a message on Xbox Live asking me if I wanted free "MICERSOFT" points.
    I once saw someone one xbox live called "masterchef" and yes I was playing halo 3

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    I can't say I've had too many people randomly giving me random messages over the internet.

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    I've gotten messages from people saying they were talking to me on some game...Even though I've never even heard of the game they mentioned...And then they proceeded to asking me a/s/l and all that...So I blocked them

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