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    Does anyone see faces when you look at the front of a car? Like the license plates are the teeth, then headlights are the eyes, etc? I always see this when I look...It's probably not as obvious in other countries where you have different shaped license plates though

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    Yeah i've seen that every now and then and i've seen it with the back of school buses too.

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    Curse you herby and your anthropomorphizing ways. But yes, and I'm pretty sure cars are designed like that to give a feeling to it. Like a VW beetle is supposed to look cute, and sports cars are meant to look scary or sexy.

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    Yes some cars look as though they are smileing, some look like they are mad, in fact the newer style mustangs were designed with a scowl look. Not sure of the spelling on that.

    They are some cars I just won't buy because of the look they have, I have to like the shape of the car, color for me is second, I will not buy black or green, any shade of silver is my favorite, and I like all shades of red.

    But then again I'm a car nut, and have owned over 300 cars, since I have been driveing.

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    I do see faces in cars sometimes. The smaller and cheaper cars tend to have a cute look, sports cars look like the snobby type, Japanese cars look like a person who fights alot and muscle cars look like a rebel/baddy person

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    I think my car kinda looks like a crazy cat.

    but then you have cars that look mad and one that look like they dont know whats going on with a blank type of look, but you have have to smile when you see a happy car

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    I dunno... but I like it.

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