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Thread: Controlling your dreams

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    Default Controlling your dreams

    So last night I had just fallen asleep and I was in a dream flying or something and I realized I was in a dream. However as soon as I realized it I woke up.

    I have a question for all of you that actually took the time to read this.

    -Can you control your dreams?
    -How do you do it?

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    Well, once I realize it is a dream, it is fairly easy to control. I just think about what I want to happen, and if I want to wake up (I know this sounds fake, it isn't) I'll think a small red button into my dream, and I'll click it to wake up. The hard part is just realizing that it is a dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxipoo View Post
    -Can you control your dreams?
    -How do you do it?
    Yes. It's called lucid dreaming and people have been doing it for thousands of years. Basically you're half awake, which allows the logical portion of your brain (right side) to take control of what the creative side (left) is experiencing. It takes some practice to really stretch out the amount of time between taking control and actually being awake.

    When you go to bed tonight, think of an image or a word. Hold it in your mind as you fall asleep. Tell your brain, "When I see this image, or hear this word I will be in control."

    Let us know what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSparkyFox View Post


    This answer sweeps me with confusion and frustration of the confusion I am feeling.

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    I've tried lucid dreaming. The way that I became lucid was I perfomed a "Realiy Check." A reality check is where you look at something, or hear something that makes you realize "Wait, this isn't real." To do one, I would look at some kind of writing anywhere (Say on a clock), look away from it and then look back. If the writing was distorted or blurry, that meant that what I was seeing wasn't real and therefore I was dreaming. The only way for this to work is all day you have to perform reality checks until your brain gets used to doing them. Then, when your asleep your brain will perform one out of habbit. That's when you will become lucid.

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    yup, I've heard of a number of techniques that I have found tedious since it comes naturally. Probably the one that has worked best for others is asking yourself "am I dreaming?" any time you walk through a door, once it becomes second nature you'll do it when you walk trough doors in your dreams and then you can warp your dream reality ^_^

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    oh boy <.>
    if i started to ask myself if i was dreaming every time i walked through a door, it would mess with my mind soooooo much... things like that kind of freak me out, existential crises and whatnot.

    but lucid dreaming is THE BOMB. one technique that i heard about was to put some kind of symbol (something you wouldn't normally see) where you would look at it every night before you went to sleep. then, if you see that symbol anywhere else in the dream, then you'd know that you're dreaming and poof. lucid dreaming.

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    heh, weird, i had my first lucid dreaming experience last night. i've been aware of lucid dreaming and tried when i first heard of it a year or two ago but couldn't be bothered with reality checks and dont even dream that much anyway but ive been taking sleeping tablets to go to bed at a reasonable hour for my new job recently and they give me vivid dreams, the lucid one started as me dreaming i was playing assassins creed 3 (i wasnt even playing it on tv, i was just the camera floating behind the protagonist) and then i was like wait how am i playing this did i preorder it on steam and forget about it? wait, no i definately didnt hey i'm dreaming and imediately tried to steer it in to some girl i like changing my diaper (lol, dont judge me) but the dream escaped me and im not sure if i woke up briefly before going back to sleep or went directly on to another dream but yeah, it was still cool if somewhat brief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by napy534 View Post
    ive been taking sleeping tablets to go to bed at a reasonable hour for my new job recently and they give me vivid dreams
    I thought it was odd, I had the same experience recently. I've been having a terrible time staying asleep recently, wake up every 30 minutes, wasn't getting any REM as a side-effect. Started one of the "max strength nighttime sleep aid" every night before bed for the last month or so, getting some serious dreaming in now! I was actually worried that the meds wouldn't give me a proper "natural" sleep and wouldn't get me any REM but it's worked surprisingly well.

    The effects don't last all night long though, I usually return to the frequent wakeups around 5am but at least I'm getting solid sleep 'till then. I think to lucid dream requires you to be at a less deep sleep though so you can have a bit more control over your dream, I haven't been able to go lucid with any of my dreams recently. You sound like you're having better luck though?

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