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Thread: Arghhhh! Stinky Sweaty Yuck!

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    Default Arghhhh! Stinky Sweaty Yuck!

    This is really embarrassing, but I'm sure you guys will understand, at least I hope so!

    Since being poorly, (2006) my weight has increased drastically, I was 10.8 stone (68.583KG/151.2lb) I'm now my heaviest ever at 14.8 stone. (94.6KG/208.557lb) I was only 12 stone when carrying my Son! (76.204KG/168lb)

    I did manage to diet down from 14 stone (88.904KG/196lb) to 12.9 stone, (82.4KG/181.661lb) but since then I've piled it back on, with being almost completely immobile, my daily exercise is hobbling to the toilet and back.

    I have less than the recommended 30g bowl of cereal, with about 20ml only of skimmed milk for breakfast and lunch, and two small soft rolls/baps with a slice of Ham in each and a packet of quavers for tea. (quavers only have 80 calories, far less than average pack of crisps) Drinks, I get through about 1 - 2 pints of skimmed milk mixed with Nesquik milkshake powder and an average of 1-4 mugs of decaf PG Tips (tea) with about 15ml skimmed milk and one teaspoon (5ml size) of sugar.

    Not a heck of a lot of food there, however, I have some serious sweet and Carb cravings to satisfy, which put on about 400 calories a day. :banghead: because of these STOOPID but uncontrollable (due to illnesses) cravings, I'm packing in more calories than I'm burning off. I have TRIED to curb these cravings by eating fresh raw fruit and veg, but even the sweetest apple does not work in the place of some chocolate, or a yummy doughnut *insert Homer Simpson style drooling!*

    So, so far I've told you I'm fat...

    Since gaining extra padding and deeper creases in the "undercarriage" area, I've had a severe problem with sweating, the exact same stench that comes from my armpits if I've forgotten deodorant, or not been able to get one that works for me.

    Since nappies, (well Tena Comfort Mini, Super pads to be exact, which need increasing to something much much bigger to contain a soiling accident (I'm on the LONG waiting list for a re-assessment with my District Nurse! :banghead: )) I've been even worse in the stinky sweat department, I've even resorted to putting deodorant on my "creases"! (not underneath, or "inner" creases, just sides of groin and caesarean scar area crease.)

    If Simon has not been able to give me my shower, the next but one day, like 40 hours after showering, (I don't need daily showers due to being mainly bedbound and how much pain it causes and how energy sapping it is, even with me just sitting there and Simon doing it all! (I'm not lazy, I just can't do it!)) the "B.O" smell lingers in the bathroom, after I've been to the toilet, and I'm not able to get rid of it with baby wipes. This is VERY embarrassing, upsetting and annoying, especially as we are not able to use air Freshener as Simon is strict about not using any smellies (other than shower gel, shampoo and roll on deodorant, not even cleaning products - he cleans everywhere with washing up liquid or white vinegar and bi-carbonated soda) in the house because of his lovebirds. (They only have one teeny tiny lung) I'm OK at his Parents' house as they have a tin of air Freshener in their guest toilet, but even then it's embarrassing because if I use it, they'll think I did a stinker! Simon really REALLY upset me last time we were there by joking that he needed to spray half a tin of freshener after I had used the toilet, in front of his Parents and his youngest Brother and his Fiance. So everyone must have thought I'd done a right stinker.

    Anyway, back to the, yeah, I stink, and other than showering three times a day, which is simply not possible, I don't know how else to alleviate it.. I even use baby wipes to have a quick freshen up when I've done using the toilet, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference does anyone else have the courage to admit this problem, and perhaps advise on a solution, or even a mild improvement? or do I fight a solitary stinky battle? :banghead:

    Now for the "other problem" caused, I believe, by plastic backed "nappies"... (or from simply being fat and mainly bedbound)

    I have had four incidences of what I can only explain as bedsores, in the nappy area. Twice along my caesarean scar, which is now a huge crease because of my big fat tummy overhang, and twice in the crease of my butt cheeks, then once on my actual butt cheek. The caesarean scar sores required a prescribed cream from my doctor, (Daktacort - Hydrocortisone cream) but the butt ones healed with a generous helping of good old zinc and castor oil, nappy rash cream.

    What do I expect to gain from telling you guys? A way to prevent bed sores I guess? Is there Perhaps a solution that includes frequent fidgetting?

    Hoping you are not all writhing in disgust from this topic and that SOMEONE may be able to help a tiny bit?

    Kind regards

    Cap'n x

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    After years of trying to get my weight under control I finally found the answer for me.
    And here I will have to say each person is different.
    I dropped from a high of 300 lbs to195 in four years.
    I also dropped to 400 calories and still I gained weight.
    For me the problem was carbs. No matter what else I tried I never lost weight untill I got them out of my life.
    Try books by George Stella for things that taste good and are low carb. The man was a professional chef. He also lost 265 lbs eating this way. In the front of each book is his family's story.
    It will also be a lot easier if everyone in the house supports you. You can't eat low carb and have carbs in the house for others.
    I will tell you this is not easy. It is an addiction and it will take a lot self control and some time before you shake the cravings.
    You can expect to fall off the wagon but grit your teeth and keep trying. If you don't get it under control it can kill you.
    The other thing is force yourself to move. Every day as many times as you can as much as you can. Muscle burns fat, get some weights even lifting cans food will do in a pinch. Moving will also help with the bed sores.
    One other thing, this eating style is for life. Let up and you will see your weight start to creep back up. Stay with it.
    I think the key to your other problems will lessen with the drop in weight.
    This is the best I can offer you. Good luck and let us know how you are making out.

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    for years now, i've been using my own ointment for dealing with topical infections and as a nappy cream and as a shaving cream, too
    it's just emulsifying ointment with added dettol-a-like. i used to add Morrisons' own dettol-a-like, but they stopped doing that and i now use Asda's, which isn't as aromatic
    i found that my ointment also works on arm-pit pong when i once had a few boils in awkward places, with one in the arm-pit. i'd stopped using deodourant because of the irritants in them and was using my ointment as an antibacterial agent-come-lubricant-come-barrier ceam. i surprised myself by not being able to smell my own pit for days, after just a single dabbing.

    500g tub of emulsifying ointment is about four and half quid and lasts for ages and ages and ages, with a few pence-worth of dettol-a-like thrown in.

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    not to sound like a doc.. but, i remember having some awful BO for years, as well as boils on a regular basis, until i ended up in the ER for chest pains and the nurse pactically yells at me for not taking care of my diabetes.??!!?? didn't even know i'd had it. well, got my blood sugar to average about 150 and the BO and the boils pretty much went away within the month(must've been sweating sugar for all those microbes to eat) IDK.. just a thought

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    Hmmmm, I am pee'ing a heck of a lot lately, 3-4 times through the night, and I'm so so thirsty all the time... though, it was only a couple of months back that they performed a fasting blood test...

    I reckon it's because I'm so fat to be honest, creating more creases than I used to have, and those creases get rather sweaty...

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